Demand Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) as the Food Allergy Standard of Care in Canada!

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OIT (Oral Immunotherapy) needs to be the Standard of Care when a Canadian child is diagnosed with a Food Allergy. OIT is not currently covered under OHIP, and it is very expensive, over $7500 per allergen in specific clinics.
*Prices may vary, we have only our child's plan to go by*

"OIT is the process of slowly introducing a known allergen into your child's system over a long period of time (a sort of desensitization). In our case, it will take 6+months of visiting the allergist clinic every other week for 12 sessions, so 24 weeks, approximately 6 months. It may take longer considering Canadian weather and road conditions and the fact that each visit our child needs to feel completely healthy, no colds or coughs since we need to make sure her lungs are clear for monitoring during the suspension tests" - SosiSafe

With all the food allergies in our public school system, it can be a struggle for parents to create lunches that their children will actually eat. Listen, I get it. Our daughter is anaphylactic to peanuts and milk so we already have a very limited safe foods list. When more Canadian children have access to OIT, there could potentially be more safe foods allowed back into the classroom!
It is time for the Ontario government to step up, and support Canadian families, both with and without food allergies. Schools need to be safe for all our children, and Oral Immunotherapy is the way of the future. Sign now and help us treat more food allergy kids so our classrooms can be safer places with more food options.

Melissa, Food Allergy Mom

~Sosi Safe