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Urging the government to take action against E-waste

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Although every day a lot more people learn about the existence of electronic waste, a lot of people either don't know how to correctly dispose of them or even know that it is a problem, or how big of a problem it is.

Unless you personally go drop your electronics at your local ecocenter, if you even have one, your broken electronics can end up in two place: in a landfill close to where you live, or in a landfill in Asia. If they end up in Asia, mainly in India, the landfills receiving them are inhabited by thousands of people, who barely survive by striping down the precious metals from the electronics, leaving the rest, the casing and the toxic metals, into the landfills. Some laws exists against sending whole cargo of e-waste, but they are often not followed, or not really enforced.

Wherever they end up, these electronics contain some toxic material, and if they are not properly disposed, they will eventually end up in the ground, destroying the ecosystem around it, destroying the land and the lives of animals around it.

What I am proposing is to invest into ads, to try to educate the population about this growing problem, and we need more fundings toward creating more ecocenters for people who lives too far from any. We also need stronger laws against sending shipments of destroyed electronics, and stronger checkups while exporting anything out of the country. 

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