Help us to to make Kargil free from corruption and injustice...

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Kargil as we all know is back ward and situated in an isolated place in between hills surrounded around us.  The area is very much backward in the sense that we remains cut off from rest of the world for about 6 to 7  months without air and surface connectivity from rest of the world. That's the main reason that therr is corruption and injustice  in this area as no authority from outside is ready to check and make the system accountable and is therefore the corrupt elements gets encourages and thus is in alarming stage .Many  of the funds kept for works engulfs with meger or no work at site,  many highly funded projects are lying without any adequate and satisfactory benefit to public.  The projects like Chuck power project which was during construction  time claiming that it will produce 44 megawatt power, now failed to produce 7 megawatt power during winter .

     In addition to that the Youth of the district are very upset with the system  of recruitment in the DSSRB,  which they feel failed to provide justice by resorting to nepotism in almost all recruiments from many years  which can be judged from the protests of Youths during and after recruiments and the same is continue,  added to that youth allege that they do provide photostate papers instead of proper sealed papers with no decorum. 

  In the same way development parameter at par with other districts is also very slow and  the district is moving towards backwardness due to lack of accountability in devepemental activities.. 

Therefore we urge and request the Hon'ble CM and Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to intervene and do something concrete to make Government  system Of Kargil Ladakh accountable to people as accountable to public is very essential in a true democracy... 

Have high hope on you Madam and Sir..