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Release our son who is improperly confined in a false case in Dubai Prison

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Our son, Vishesh Pathak, and his friend, Anil Chaturvedi, have been locked in jail in Dubai since two months in a false case of drug consumption and possession. He and Anil were working in Dubai and staying with four other Indians who, without their prior knowledge, were allegedly possessing and consuming Marijuana (bhang) in their apartment on the Holi festival (13th March,'17) and celebrating BJP's big victory in UP elections. They were caught entering the house and were confined even though they were not involved in these activities. Both have been cleared in the blood and urine tests conducted by Dubai Police, but they are still confined in Dubai Prison on the sole ground that they were found residing with the alleged culprits. 

Does this reason suffice their confinement and the suffering they and their families have to undergo?

Even after being proved innocent, they are still not being released and the Dubai Police is prolonging and delaying the investigation, for days and months. We are people from a small town, Mathura, and have no approach or aid who can help us in a distant foreign country. Being strict vegetarian Brahmins, it is becoming even more difficult for them to survive inside with the jail meal, and it is taking a toll on their physical and mental health. Furthermore, there are severe restrictions in the jail so our relatives in Dubai are finding it difficult to meet or talk to them. We are feeling extremely distressed and helpless!

We tried reaching the Foreign Minister on twitter but without any definite outcome -

We have faith that Smt Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External Affairs and Consulate General of India, Dubai, Mr. Vipul, will listen to our request and step into the matter to help release Vishesh and Anil, and reconcile them with their families in India.

We need the nation to support us through this crisis with your signatures. We ask for our right to justice, and no innocent should be deprived of freedom and justice! 

Sign our petition and help them return home safely.

- Komal and Sushma(Gudiya) Pathak



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