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Why we are teaching WRONG science in 9th class Physics, that Newton gave second law F=ma?

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               Blind Belief in School level science 
                The truth must be taught to students, 
There are NO proofs  that Newton ever gave Second  Law of Motion, F =ma. It is  the biggest blind belief , that Newton gave it. I have studied Newton's Principia (1686). In Principia at page  20 Newton gave different Second Law of Motion i.e. change in motion is proportional to  impressed force , F =v-u. This is never discussed, taught discussed anywhere, as it is unwanted child.
Newton's book and second law can be downloaded from
                We teach wrong things along with nearly  220 countries of world.

But we are teaching in  9th class, NCERT, Physics book , Second Law Of Motion  as 
“rate of change of momentum is proportional to impressed force”.  
    F = rate of change of momentum  or  dp/dt =ma. 

I have published 3-4 research papers on the topic in international peer review journals, scientific magazines from America and Canada; after approval of scientists. I have presented my paper in “the Euler Society Conference 2014” in Texas, USA. The scientists agreed that Newton never discovered second law F =ma , encouraged me and President of Society gave me certificate of appreciation. 

                     Government of India and  books written by AjaySharma

My prayers were sent by Office of Prime Minister of India to Department of Science and Technology for  further action. 
 I have elaborated the issue in two books , BEYOND NEWTON AND ARCHIMEDES (2013), BEYOND EINSTEIN AND E=mc2 (2015), published from Cambridge , England. Hon'ble Minister of science and Technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan ordered evaluation of books in June 2015. Thanks lot. Since past nearly two years , the books are being evaluated by experts of The National Academy of Sciences, India

                  Who gave Second Law of Motion  F=ma ?

Second Law of Motion F =ma, as taught in 9th class, was given by Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler in 1775.
 Proof : See website of Mathematical Association of  America , Washington.  
Paper Index  479  pages  222-223. Here equation, F =ma is clearly given. It was given 48 years after death of Newton. 
Then by mistake Euler's law F =ma was credited to Newton , after death of Euler and Newton. Now we have  to correct the mistake. It will bring India on the world map in this field.

                         Prayer:     Seminar be arranged
Since past 10 years I am requesting that seminars be held on my work . I will reply the questions of experts in writing. Thus everything will be settled. I prayer the same again.
                           truth alone triumphs
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