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DDA to allot Land to Co-op Housing Societies in Delhi who are waiting for 30 years

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Respected Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,



Sub: Non-allotment of LAND for over 30 years by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to various Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) in DELHI



1. Facts of the Case. This is regarding non allotment of land by DDA in Delhi to various CGHS for construction of society flats. In this regard, we would like to bring the following to your kind attention and earnestly request for expeditious actions in the matter:


(i)        With a view to promote group housing and to ease the housing problems in Delhi, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has been mandated to allot land to the Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS), on the basis of their seniority, that are registered with the Registrar of Cooperatives, Delhi.


(ii)       Before 2001-02, under the BJP regime, land was allotted to over 100 CGHS (up to Regd. No. 1430 with Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Delhi). Another about 100 CGHS remained to whom land is to be allotted and they have been waiting for the last 30 years for allotment of land.


(iii)      For over past 10 years, DDA has not allotted land to CGHS for construction of the houses for the members of the remaining 100 CGHS who have been waiting for their legitimate turn. There are about 15,000 members, in these remaining 100 CGHS, who have been waiting for allotment of land.


(iv)     It is very unfair on the part of the Government (DDA) to deprive the remaining 100 CGHSs from having their dream houses constructed on the land meant for cooperative societies, especially when about 100 CGHSs have already been allotted land in around / before 2001-02.


(v)      As it is understand, the problem started initially in around 2003-04 with the scam/bungling (fake societies/fake memberships/non-adherence to the prescribed procedures by the societies for inducting the new members, etc.) and the matter was investigated by the CBI. In the process, the Delhi Government amended the law to provide one time amnesty to the members/CGHS. Also, it is understood that the investigation by the CBI was completed and several societies have been cleared by CBI. Hon'ble Delhi High Court also intervened in the matter and has ordered the Delhi Govt. and DDA expedite the process of land allotment to CGHS.


(vi)     There are many genuine CGHS (after Regd. No. 1430 with the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Delhi) who have genuine members and have been functioning until now without any default and have been getting their accounts audited regularly and convening their annual general meetings of the members.


(vii)    Such CGHS should not be penalized for the acts of non-functional and fake CGHS, due to which the land allotment was put on hold since around 2000-2001. These societies were registered with the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Delhi in 1984 and have since been waiting for allotment of land. 


(viii)   We are dismayed with the way this issue has been handled. It appears that there is no coordination between the DDA and the Office of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Delhi and due to this, people have been suffering.



2. Rationale for Cooperative Group Housing. The cooperative structure of business evolved many years ago has been proved to be best business model to protect the interests of the people (members/beneficiaries, who are prone to exploitation in the hands of operators). The cooperative institutions in Gujarat are classic examples which have protected the rights and interests of the farmers. On similar lines, housing cooperative societies are also expected to provide benefit to the people (and protect their interests) as far as development of housing sector is concerned. In India, efforts are now being made to encourage affordable and low cost housing.  The cooperative model has dual advantage, one that the members join together to develop their own housing facilities and the other that the Government (DDA) facilitates this and provides other infrastructure facilities. DDA has a very vast mandate and constructing houses by DDA and providing to people may not be feasible and practicable. As such, DDA may resort to outsourcing model, which can allow DDA to concentrate on various other areas/mandates. This can lead to faster infrastructure development at a reasonable price. The actual cost is shared among the members of the cooperative societies.



3. Proposed Action. We would solicit kind intervention of the Hon’ble Prime Minister for the following:


A.  It is our earnest request that for the default of fictitious CGHS, due to which the land allotment was put on hold since around 2000-2001, the genuine CGHS having genuine members should not be punished, whose members have been waiting for the last 30 years for allotment of land.


B.  The office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies (RCS), Delhi may send the names of all such CGHS which are active and functional. Based on the same, DDA may allot land to each CGHS. The verification of members can be made simultaneously and completed before the land is actually registered in the name of such CGHS and before construction of flats begin (even under DDA Housing Schemes, applicants' verification is carried out at the time of allotment of house, which SAVES LOT OF TIME).


C. For the verification of members of each CGHS, DDA may kindly ask the CGHS to furnish copies of all documents of the members (like copies of PAN Card, Bank Account statement, Aadhar Card, etc.). This can easily establish that the CGHS is not a fake CGHS and the members are genuine.


D. The societies that are genuine, whose members are genuine (based on the PAN card and bank account details of each member) and have been waiting for the last over 30 years should be allotted land immediately based on their preference. This will send signals that genuine societies are not being punished and DDA is acting bonafide in the interest of the members of the society.


E.  DDA may kindly be directed to IMMEDIATELY start allotment of land to the remaining 100 CGHS which are active and functional. The allotment may be made in smaller lots (10-20 CGHS per lot, and not necessarily all remaining 100 CGHS together) so that this will give relief to public at large who have been suffering for the last 30 years.


F.  DDA may also explore the possibility of minimizing land use through several alternatives including, but not limited to, by allotting land parcels to a group of CGHS (say 4-5 CGHS) so that they can construct multi-storeyed apartments (say 15-18 storied structure) in about 50-60% of the land which is required to be allotted to individual CGHS OR allot less land to each CGHS by encouraging them to construct multi-storeyed apartments. This will economise land use since they be allotted lesser land than individually and this big group may be able to construct and provide all other facilities for their members which an individual society may not be able to. Moreover, it may also result into a township concept that would be self sufficient with all facilities that are required for members/residents. It would be advisable to maximize land use and minimize distances which will be good in terms of saving in fuel and can reduce India's import bill for oils.


G. DDA may consider allotting land to CGHS in different parts of Delhi, and not necessarily at one location, so that the residents get locational advantage. For example, it could be in Zone J (South Delhi, between Chattarpur and Gurgaon), Dwaraka, Rohini, Kapashera, etc. SPREADING CGHS across all parts of Delhi will eventually result into urbanization and will ensure that various facilities are available in all parts of Delhi.



4. Pray to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. We would urge the Hon’ble Prime Minister to give necessary directions to DDA to allot land to the remaining about 100 CGHS in Delhi.


Under the Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation (PRAGATI) initiative, the Hon’ble Prime Minister has, among others, directed the Government Ministries and Departments to proactively work and improve efficacy of implementation. However, it is very unfortunate that land has not been allotted to genuine CGHS who have been waiting for the last 30 years and there does not appear to be any roadmap for such an action.  Non-working or non-performing organizations are worse than corrupt organization.


The Hon’ble Prime Minister has said on Monday, 9 November 2015 that I believe in 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' and with that there must be 'Sabka Nyay". We would urge you to kindly intervene in the matter and do justice (‘Nyay’) with the members of CGHS who have been waiting for allotment of land.


We have been taking up the following matter for the last one year with your office; Hon’ble Union Minister, Urban Development; Hon’ble LG of Delhi; DDA and Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Delhi. However, we are yet to achieve any success or breakthrough in the matter.


We are extremely sorry to bother you with our request BUT we hope that at least by WRITING AGAIN AND AGAIN to you and other concerned Government Officials we can expect an early action in the matter.


Thank you.


Kind regards,

Members of CGHS

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