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Premature release of army convicts.

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Hon'ble Sir, 

1.  We,  the families of life imprisonment army prisoners most respectfully submit the following few lines for your kind consideration and favourable action  please. 

2.   We, the families of  life imprisonment prisoners who are undergoing the sentence in different jails and in different states of our country. Most of the families,  of those are sentenced,  are from financially backward and from interior parts of our country.  Though  we are from rural areas,  we had sent our children to the army to serve the nation as well as to be a pole to the family.  All was well until the tragedy stuck.  Most of us could not take the news that our word who had gone to the country had become a murderer.  Some of their parents had died due to the shock when they heard the news of their conviction. 

3. They joined the army  at a tender age of 18 and sent faraway by the families with lot of dreams.  After  joining,  many soldiers married in a hope to have a wonderful life but left the family and their spouse in lurch when their loves ones are sent behind bars for killing their colleagues in a fit of rage,  but it was due to frustration or work pressure or may be the agony of being away from family and whey they were denied the permission to visit their family. And the pressure forced on the subordinates (JCOs/NCOs/Sepoy) by the officers and the abuse meted out by them in the hand of the so called superiors.

4. Though the families are financially backward we try our level best to provide them freedom by appointing a counsel. But due to ignorance many lose their money, and their beloved one remain in jail. To get them out we raise the fund by collecting from the well wishers or borrowed from lenders for hefty interest or by selling all the entire hard earned properties, gold and jewelry, even the most respectable and sacred Mangalsutras, the great sacrifice of the wife towards her husband to dispose of this sacred item left them only mental agony without any relief. Even for mulakats(interviews) also the family member had to incur huge amounts. On one hand the entire saving are lost and on the other hand the family members are facing difficulty in meeting basic needs of life. They have been starving and the life of ailing and old aged parents, unmarried daughters, education deprived son is highly deplorable. The money is wasted here and there as we don’t know the procedures of appeal and other legal tangles and the total family in thrown to the streets. Most of the families would have been depending on the same persons who are convicted.

4. In our country most of the states releasing the life imprisonment prisoners pre maturely those who have completed a stipulated time of seven (07) years, and allowed to mingle with the society. Our father of Nation “MAHATMA GANDHI JI”, who had served jail life, leaving his wife and four children behind has gone through our hilarious position, stress and psychological pain personally. Experiencing how horrible it is to stay within the four walls leaving all the beloved behind, practically, he felt the impulse of prisoners and came to a conclusion that jail life for any convict, more than 5 years is detrimental to the society as a whole as the convict is put to serious strain and stress and forced to live with various types of criminals and finally imbibing the criminology. Finally he said the golden words “HATE THE CRIME NOT THE CRIMINALS” requesting the high ups to release the prisoners after 5 years, taking the families of the prisoners into consideration on humanitarian grounds.

5. After coming to power in centre, this government has brought and done a lot of schemes which are useful to the society mostly to the backward class. This government has uplifted the down trodden by implementing many innovative schemes. We humbly request you to lit a ray of hope in our lives too as you have lighted the lives of the poor in our country. Therefore we, families of such convicts, make a lowly request with folding hands to you to be pleased to consider our plea for the release of our loved ones and the breadwinner of our family pre maturely on 15 August 2017 (Independence day) to remitting and pardon their mistakes that had been committed in a moment of rage.

6. We will be grateful to the government forever if our prayer is considered and regarded.


                             Yours faithfully

                         (The families of Life                                       convicts of Army                                             Court Martial)

Copy to:-

Shri. Arun Jaitley Ji,
Hon’ble Minister of Defence, Finance, Corporate Affairs,
Room No 134, North Block,
New Delhi-110001.

Shri. Subhash Ramrao Bhamre Ji,
Hon’ble Minister of State for Defence,
114-A, South Block,
New Delhi-110011.

Shri. Sanjay Mitra Ji,
Hon’ble Secretary,
Ministry of Defence,
South Block, New Delhi - 110011.








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