I want my gym to open so I can improve my immunity

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Since the last 3 months, we have been not only isolated socially but also isolated ourselves from the basic access to keep fit and healthy due to the nationwide lock-down. While social distancing has been essential for our safety from the virus, what is imperative in considering is that Gyms, Health and Fitness centers are places to build our immunity, strength, energy, motivation, positive mindset, resilience to stress, happiness and mental alertness. 

In these unprecedented times, we have limited or no access to physical activity in our homes. People need the professional guidance offered to better utilize exercise principles to even better train at home. Fitness and exercise not only ensures a healthier lifestyle but also helps build immunity and cardiovascular health. 

Join us in urging Government to allow our health and fitness centers to reopen with other businesses.  Physical activity is essential to our well-being.  Gyms and Fitness centers can be opened safely and should be allowed to open.