Save Andhra Pradesh - Save Amaravati as State Capital​.​The proposed idea of three Capitals

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Save Andhra Pradesh - Save Amaravati as State Capital.

The proposed idea of three Capitals for Andhra Pradesh is a disastrous, destructive and part of divisive politics. It will destroy the functioning and coordination between the administrative system and democratically elected Government i.e the Executive and Legislature. Certainly, it will be heavy financial burden on the people. Corruption will increase. Accountability & responsibility of the officials will further weekend.  Developmental activities, projects and the implementation of the welfare schemes will be adversely affected.

Amaravati is centrally located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The State Assembly unanimously passed a resolution declaring that "Amaravati as State Capital". Wisdom prevailed among all the political parties and welcomed the Assembly resolution. People from all the regions across the state felt happy because the issue of state capital was peacefully, hormoneouslly resolved with one voice.

The State Government acquired around 33,000 Acres of Agricultural Land with the co - operation of the farmers and other sections of the people depending on the agriculture and more than 20,000 Acres of Government and Forest Lands also acquired to build Amaravati as Green Field City.

The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India laid the Foundation Stone for the construction of the State Capital, Amaravati. Some of the buildings already constructed and utilizing those buildings the State Government functioning from Amaravati since 2016. The State Assembly, the Legislative Council and the State Secretariat located with all working conditions in Amaravati and functioning well in a pollution free environment.

The State Government already spent people's money around Rs.9,000 Crores for the Construction & Development of Amaravati as State Capital. The Expenditure amount also includes the Union Governments financial support of Rs.1500 crores as per the AP Reorganization Act. The Union Government also declared Amaravati as Smart City and extending financial support for the development.

As per the AP Reorganization Act, the Hon'ble President of India notified and established the Principal High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Amaravati and it is functioning since one year.

Finally, the Hon'ble President of India appointed the Governor of Andhra Pradesh and as a result the Raj Bhavan established in Vijayawada.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs promptly responded and rectified it's mistake, after one of the member pointed out in the Lok Sabha on the issue of missing Amaravati as State Capital of Andhra Pradesh in the Map of the Country.

These all the recorded facts and evidences. So, from all the angles the issue of the State Capital of Andhra Pradesh was once for all settled. The building and development of Amaravati City is in progress. Unfortunately, the present State Government unnecessarily created controversy by proposing three Capitals formula. As a result the Andhra Pradesh Socio, Economic sectors are facing serious crisis and also it will have negative impact on the country's economy.

The people of Andhra Pradesh, particularly the acquired land owners, agricultural labor and other sections of the people of Amaravati region are in militant struggle against the state government move. Especially, the women, children and senior citizens are on the forefront of the mass struggle since one month. It's a life and death situation for them. Already more than ten farmers died with heart attack. Police imposed 144 section and hundreds of police paraded in the villages, lathi charges and arrests are order of the day. Police misbehaved with women and children. The villagers are spending sleepless nights. Police threatening and harassing the people. Human, civil and democratic rights are undermined and attacked.

We the citizens humbly request the Hon'ble President of India and the Hon'ble Prime Minister to intervene and Save Andhra Pradesh and Save Amaraavati as State Capital.