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India United Plan: Proposed Solution to Babri Masjid & Ram Janmabhoomi Dispute

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Honourable Supreme Court of India has suggested both Hindu and Muslim Communities of India for reaching an amicable settlement out of court for Babri Masjid & Ram Janmabhoomi Dispute. Muslim Professional Network (MPN) of India welcomes this advice and strongly urges all the stakeholders to resolve the dispute amicably. To resolve this dispute, MPN would also like to offer a Plan. We like to call this plan as “India United Plan”.

Why all stakeholders must resolve the dispute amicably?
Before we dwell into the “India United Plan”, we must first address the question “Why all stakeholders must resolve the dispute amicably?” and “Why not let the Supreme Court make a decision?”

The verdict of the Supreme Court could go in the favour of either of the community. But ultimately, it would be a Win for one community as Loss for another. Why do we want either of the community in India to lose? Why can’t it be a Win-Win situation for both Hindus and Muslims?  And what will be the repercussions when one of the community loses? 

  • If Hindu Community Wins: If the Hindus win the case in Supreme Court, it means Hindus have the right to demolish a mosque. And some extremists among Hindus might consider this decision as an open invite to demolish more mosques across India. And this decision will further alienate Indian Muslims, given the current political scenario.
  • If Muslim Community Wins: If the Muslims win  the case in Supreme Court, Hindus of the India will not only be disappointed of not been able to build a Ram Mandir at a place, where they believe, Lord Ram took birth but will create an extreme law-and-order breakdown in the country.

Also, for decades, some political parties from both the communities have built political equity, exploiting the Babri Masjid & Ram Janmabhoomi Dispute. They will do everything possible to halt any sort of amicable settlement. They want Supreme Court of India to give a Win-Loss Judgement, so that, either ways, they can secure their vote base.

Amicable settlement is in the best interest of India
An amicable solution for settlement is in the best interest of both the communities and the nation. And for reaching the amicable solution, both the communities must show heart and courage. This dispute has resulted in loss of life, decades of hatred, loss of properties, loss of valuable time and much more for both the communities. It’s time for both the communities to put their ego, pride and emotions aside and agree on an amicable solution that secures the future of youth and brings together both the communities to work for developing our nation.

All people (once) followed one belief. Then they began to follow different beliefs. Had not a word of your Lord (His decision to give every one time and free will) been decreed, God would already have settled their differences. – Chapter 10, verse 19.

 India United Plan: Proposed Solution for Resolving Babri Masjid & Ram Janmabhoomi Dispute

We agree to the following Statements-1 and Statement-2 if and only if the Conditions-1, Condition-2, Condition-3 and Condition-4 are satisfied.

  • Statement 1: Muslim Community agrees to allow Hindu Community to build the temple at the location of Babri Masjid.
  • Statement 2:  Hindu Community will allow Muslims to rebuild the New Babri Masjid within 10 Kilometres from old Babri Masjid.

Following conditions are to be met for the above Statement 1 and Statement 2.

  • Condition 1: Indian Government will create a fund called “India United Fund”. This fund will be managed by President of India.  All funds raised for construction of Ram Mandir as well as New Babri Masjid will be deposited in “India United Fund”.
  • Condition 2: No legal entity in India can raise funds for construction of Ram Mandir or New Babri Masjid via their Bank Account. They can run the campaign to raise the funds but all funds should be deposited to “India United Fund”.
  • Condition 3: All funds received in “India United Fund” will be split into two equal parts, one part will be used for construction of Ram Mandir and another for New Babri Masjid. On the quarterly basis, the funds raised will be distributed to both the communities.
  • Condition 4: “India United Fund” will continue to exist for the duration of 10 years since this agreement is reached. After completion of the 10 years, both the communities can mutually decide, whether to continue the fund or not.

What will “India United Plan” Achieve?
 When “India United Plan” is successfully executed, India will see two marvellous structures in form of Ram Mandir and New Babri Masjid, which will stand testimonial to a peace treaty achieved between Hindu and Muslim Community of India.

We like to believe, “India United Fund” will be in the range of 10,000 crores. So, the Ram Mandir and the New Babri Masjid will be constructed with the budget of 5,000 crores each, if not more.  Moreover, since the funds are split equally, no community will feel their structure is smaller than another.

And most importantly, the “India United Plan” offers a peace settlement to a long stand standing dispute that has ruptured the communal fabric of India. Just like our Independence from British, we will gain Independence from Communal Hatred through non-violent means through this “India United Plan”.

We urge all stakeholders from both Hindu and Muslim Communities to come forward and agree to “India United Plan”.

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