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My petition is mainly focusing on reassessment of Rape Laws in India. We all are aware of the Gang Rape of a young lady in the moving bus in Delhi. The hours-long brutal gang-rape and near-fatal beating and torture of a 23-year-old student on a bus is the most atrocious crime ever committed. We as Indians living in India and abroad are deeply hurt and shocked with such a heinous crime. Statistics suggests Staggering 873 percent increase in the number of rapes in India from 1953 to 2001 CPI-M's People's Democracy, release: Dec 2012) but laws of punishment as well as convictions for Rape are still the same. The gang rape in Delhi is a huge eye opener for everyone in India, the biggest shame being it is nowhere more apparent than in New Delhi, the capital of the Republic of India, which will be soon known as the rape capital of the country!

Letter to
Hon'ble President of India Mr Mukherjee & Chief Justice of India Mr Kabir
Date: 20/12/2012

Subject : Incorporate Strictest Punishment for Rape Culprits in India

Honorable President of India Mr Parnab Mukherjee, Honorable Chief Justice of India Mr Altamas Kabir and Authorities of Supreme Court of India.

I will not give any information on what has happened to the girl who is being gang raped in Delhi as I am sure you have all of it from all possible sources. I giving you the details is more demeaning to me as well as the victim who is suffering the undeniable trauma of this heinous crime. I am writing this petition to request honorable authorities like you to please take a stand at least NOW and make some difference in the Laws related to Rape! Please make the punishment harsher so these rapists set an example for everyone who even thinks of even touching a female without her consent. I know India is a democratic country and every human has his/her rights but these rape culprits cannot be categorised as human or even animals. They are worse than animals. I can say on behalf of all citizens in India, we do not want any more confessions or promises or even false hopes as we are tired to listen to same things again and again. Furthermore, I will not highlight the statistics of rape victims in India as I am sure you have accurate statistical figures, better than the ones released in Media or the ones which come in Org analysis, but I would like to ask you few questions:
1. Do you think death penalty is enough for these culprits?
2. The rise in rape is 873% from 1953 but number of NGO’s and Women Help Centers in India are still the same. In fact few have closed down due to funds and system. Why is it so?
3. Rapes in India still under-reported. I know the victims and their families are partially at fault but what action is Government doing after a compliant is been registered?
4. Pawan Gupta (one of the culprit) is saying ‘’Mujhe Phansi de do” please tell me you are not giving him ‘Phansi’ as it will be easiest way to set him free!
5. Is chemical castration of rapists (idea forwarded by Mohandas Pai, a former CFO and HR Head of Infosys) something you will consider?
6. As the calls for action grew louder, two more gang-rapes were reported, including one in which the 10-year-old victim was killed and another where 14 year old girl was killed again in gang rape, both happened in Bihar. What are your plans against the same?
7. Why is Delhi, Noida Bihar highest in Rape cases (reported as well as unreported) Is the lacal police corrupt or are their hands tied? – Question Robin Kakkar, 25 London
8. What are your Safety measures for protection of our mothers and sisters in the immediate future? – Question Robin Kakkar,25 London
Please answer these questions and its my humble request to please please change the Rape laws and make the penalty more harsh for such heinous crime. Please remember the pain and trauma of rape are indescribable because rape robs a person from the very core of sense of safety, your sense of being in control, and your authority over your own body. Coming back from this place of deep hurt and rage will be very difficult. The scars of rape remain forever. It is not only the physical assault that matters but also the mental assault and years of counselling. Tougher laws and their implementation coupled with gender sensitive rehabilitation should be the way to go. The burden of the judicial proceeding should not rest just with the victims and their families; it should lie with the state and nation on the whole.

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