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Incorporate Strictest Punishment for Rape Culprits in India

My petition is mainly focusing on reassessment of Rape Laws in India. We all are aware of the Gang Rape of a young lady in the moving bus in Delhi. The hours-long brutal gang-rape and near-fatal beating and torture of a 23-year-old student on a bus is the most atrocious crime ever committed. We as Indians living in India and abroad are deeply hurt and shocked with such a heinous crime. Statistics suggests Staggering 873 percent increase in the number of rapes in India from 1953 to 2001 CPI-M's People's Democracy, release: Dec 2012) but laws of punishment as well as convictions for Rape are still the same. The gang rape in Delhi is a huge eye opener for everyone in India, the biggest shame being it is nowhere more apparent than in New Delhi, the capital of the Republic of India, which will be soon known as the rape capital of the country!

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  • Hon'ble President of India Mr Mukherjee & Chief Justice of India Mr Kabir

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