Equal Citizens Means Equal Treatment and Equal Protection of the Law #EqualCitizens

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Equal Citizens Means Equal Treatment and Equal Protection of the Law

The great constitution of our great nation has entitled every citizen equal rights under article 14 and 15. The Constitution guarantees that all people shall be equally treated and protected by the laws of the country without any discrimination. It means that the State will treat people in the same circumstances alike.

However, there is gross violation of human rights in the country whereas the Constitutional guarantees seem to be just a note on paper without any power, or may be empowering only a section of the society.  

It’s saddening to see that in recent years the atmosphere in the country has turned hostile for the people of one particular religion.  Not far from the Parliament house, within the jurisdiction of the national capital Mohammad Azeem, an eight year old Madarsa student became the latest victim of the ongoing mob lynching in the country, where the authorities are mere mute spectator.   It seems nothing has happened as no action is being taken to stop such crimes and to create a favorable, harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. 

It is important to bring in your notice that 84% of the people killed in cow related violence and mob lynchings are Muslims and to our utter shock and disbelief those who are involved in Killings are set free and garlanded by pubic representatives.

The flag bearers of secularism, human rights and peace are being silenced by the goons in the broad day light and the government and authorities have no courage to initiate an action against the perpetrators.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi administration's trigger happy 'encounter' policy has been exposed. We witnessed how Yogi Adityanath personally met the family of deceased Mr. Tiwari and announced compensation and job.  And then we thought about the family of Mustaqeem who was killed on camera by UP police and there was absolutely no outrage, not even from the opposition. Was it because they were too poor, or is the killing of Muslims in India going to be accepted as a new normal?

There is a trend of systematic and administrative encouragement of those who attack Muslims. They are also encouraging Hate Campaigns across India against Muslims.

It is clear like the day light that there are clouds of fear amongst the underprivileged citizens whereas political discrimination is at its peak, it is distressing to see that Muslim representation in Assemblies and Parliament is at all time low.

Everyday newspapers are printing a horror mob lynching story, news channels too are reporting the same but till date the government haven’t taken any measures to curb this heinous crime.

We, the citizens of Republic of India do believe that Muslims are equal citizens of this country and they are entitled to all rights like any other citizen as our great constitution guarantees. We also believe that “Equal Citizens Means Equal Treatment and Equal Protection of the Law Too”.

Every Indian Citizen deserves equal compensation and dignity.  Every Indian Citizen deserves equal access to legal justice. We do have a right to Economic Activities and right to Education. And we Muslims too are equal citizens and they must respect our right to Life.

We, the citizens of Republic of India hereby request to you to kindly look into the aforesaid matter, which is of grave concern and take measures to protect the minorities and the underprivileged citizens that may restore the peace and harmony of the country for which our great freedom fighters laid down their lives. Please save the constitution.

Your's Faithfully