Amit Shah must resign as Home Minister of India.

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The gross and systemic violence perpetrated upon civil society members protesting the discriminatory CAA/NPR/NRC act seems to have reached an unfortunate pinnacle in the recent spate of barbarity unleashed in Delhi on 24 and 25 February 2020 triggered by an inflammatory speech by BJP ideologue, Kapil Mishra. The myopic stratagem of transforming the sovereign, socialist, democratic and secular republic of India into a Fascist Rashtra has already wreaked havoc in our campuses including AMU, JNU, JU and Jamia and has completely paralysed the media, the judiciary and the state executive. Considering that the dedicated dismantling of our democracy has been achieved under the watch of Home Minister, Amit Shah, we the concerned citizens of India demand that Amit Shah immediately resigns as Home Minister of India and that peace and normalcy be restored in the country.