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Langar Baba of Chandigarh needs your Help!!!

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This old man sold properties worth billion to serve food to poor people.

83 year’s old Jagdish Lal is famously known as Langar Baba. He is serving the hungry people in Chandigarh from last 17 years and that too without a break. That means 6,205 days of serving free food to hundreds of hungry people. He was born in 1947 Peshawar, Pakistan and left from there at the age of 12. At 21, he moved to Chandigarh and started selling fruits from Rs.15 per cart and turned it into an enterprise worth crores.

In an interview reported on HT he said “Everyday, I used to walk three miles barefoot to buy namkeen dal for ₹1 and sold it for ₹1 and 2 aane at stations. I made two such rounds daily and earned ₹2 and 2 aane. By the time I got home, my feet and hand would be full of blisters, but I still had to earn or else I would go hungry for days. My father beat me up if I studied and teachers beat me up in school because I would not have done my homework. So, yes, I could not study; my childhood was horrifying.”

In 2015, he sold his seventh property worth ₹1.6 crore to arrange money for his noble initiative. He has sold six other such properties worth crores so that he can feed as many hungry people as possible.

When asked for his motivation he said, “Main apna bachpan dekhda haan.”

Earlier he used to make food for over 2,000 people daily; now it’s for 500. The number of vegetable drums has reduced from 17 to 7, the carts of chapattis have reduced from 6 to 3. Because of the shortage of money and poor health conditions due to cancer. When offered for the financial help he refused to take as it’s against his principles to ask for financial help from others.

“I have never sought a favor from anyone, but can only expect some help from the government. Kindly convey my message to the government that I might need their help in continuing the langar in the near future.” He said.

Please Sign this petition and try to support his cause so that this Langar continues in future and at least some people don't go to sleep empty stomach.

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