Maharashtra teachers need your support to survive

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Teachers are a very important part of the society - we devote our lives towards shaping future generations. We spend more time with your children than ours to build character, instil values, make them independent and create good citizens. We are parents to your children. Unfortunately, today our livelihoods are at stake. We will not be able to feed our families and take care of our children. It's shocking that Maha Govt. has passed a mandate that private schools cannot ask parents to pay school fees during the lockdown. If schools don't collect fees then how can they pay the teachers and how can we survive?

Over two crore teachers, support staff and wages of an even larger number of contractual workers' livelihoods depend on school fees.



The Maharashtra government issued a mandate that schools cannot ask parents to pay school fees during the lockdown. The question arises: if schools don’t receive fees, how will the teachers and non-teaching staff get their salary? Source -


This petition is to request the Government of Maharashtra to withdraw the order dated 30th March 2020 (Circular: 2020/Sr. No. 33 / SM 6) which is preventing private schools from collecting fees until the lockdown is over. This has resulted in the schools being unable to pay teachers like me and the non-teaching support staff.



Why is this happening?

As per the government’s instructions, schools have been issued a notice, advising them against the collection of school fees “until further orders”. Several other Departments of Education for states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Odisha, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu also chose to implement the same.


Even our Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi has requested employers NOT to enforce lay-offs and salary-cuts.


With COVID-19 cases going up in Maharashtra, there is a possibility of extension of lockdown with an increased number of red zones. Schools have little information regarding the date when they can resume fee collection for the current academic year. Despite this, most schools have already started online classes and teachers like us are already working from home giving online classes to students.


The circular has severely handicapped all schools. The possibility of not getting our salaries for an unforeseeable period is a petrifying thought.


Teaching is a noble profession, and teachers not only are overworked and we are also underpaid. Despite that, we make all the efforts to ensure quality teaching for our students - but we will fail if we are financially not supported.


In today’s situation all of us -  schools, government and parents need to work together, towards everyone’s well-being.


I plead, on behalf of all teachers as well to sign this petition so that the government withdraws its instructions. All we want is our salaries.


We want to know why the government considers schools fees a burden for parents?

Why can schools not be asked to collect fees in a monthly manner and not quarterly?

Why can’t the government consider subsidy on school fees similar to the LPG scheme?


 Our voices are unheard; make them heard by signing this petition.  Requesting every Indian, who was once a student, to sign the petition and save all the teachers.