Proper establishment and strengthning of the Sikkim State University (SSU) , Gangtok

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Honourable Sir, 

As you might be aware, that the issue encircling Sikkim State University (SSU) has been a matter of debate for quite some time now. This petition is regarding the same.
The Sikkim State University (SSU) Act. was passed in the State Legislative Assembly in 2003. It was amended in 2017 and finally, the university became operational in
2018. If has been offering two courses viz. Nepali and Sanskrit and is currently running its classes from NBBDC, Tadong and Samdong Sanskrit College. It's temporary office is stationed inside the premises of NBBDC, Tadong.
The University has been a hub of problems ever since its inception. The university has lacked permanent teaching staff. Important positions of the University, like CoE, Registrar, Finance Officer etc have been vacant for the most period of time. Due to the absense of
CoE, the results of students haven't been published till now. Lack of permanent faculties has resulted in inconsistent classes, which is below par under the roof of a University.
The lack of Funding to the only state university has been evident to everyone. In a nutsell: SSU has emerged as the most neglected educational institution of the state.

The students have been very vocal about their problems from the very begenning. When govt. gave no heed to the petitons and prayers of the students, they organised protest
and staged dharna from 15th to 20th March 2020. They were supported by the whole student fraternity of the state and many organisations including SPYF. After the discussion between
the protesting students and Department officials, many written and verbal assurances were made. Appointment of permanent faculties, CoE, Registrar, additional funding,etc were promised in due presence of
Minister, Education Department, Vice Chancellor, SSU, Additional Chief Secretary(ACS,Education Department) and Hon'ble MP, Lok Sabha. Granting Autonomy and appointing officials and faculties on deputation basis were
the only promises which materialised. It is evident to everyone, that these are mere cosmetic changes. No one is aware, as to how much fund has been allocated to the university in this year's State Budget.
We feel, the efforts made by department have been superficial.

The situation developed due to the pandemic has increased the importance of the university manifold. A large proportion of students use to pursue higher studies outside the
state. The pertaining situaion has made it almost impossible for anyone to go outside the state. Thus, the students belonging to weak family backgorund are left with very
little option for thier higher studies. Sikkim Central University has been able to enroll negligible number of students due to the space constraint. This necesitates the
department to take urgent measures to accomodate the additional students. Developing SSU is the only plausible option left. Extending the courses, strengthning the insfrastracture
of the long ignored university should be the number one priority of the Education Department.

As SSU is a matter of concern of the entire state, SPYF had petitioned the CM of Sikkim at the beginning of the pandemic, placing it's concern about the university. Moreover, Students of SSU have also been
raising the issue during the pandemic via all means possible. But, we were shocked to observe the Sikkim Govt. prioritise "building pilgrimage" over the Health and Education sectors
and allocating a large sum of 63+ crores for the same. Moreover, the Sikkim State University, announcing addmission in only two departments (Nepali and Sanskrit, which have been always there) has left us frustrated. But, most
importantly, the complete silence and lack of concern form the education department and the govt. has deeply hurt the sentiments of students and Sikkimese society as a whole.

With the humble hope of approriate action, we, SPYF ,students of SSU and whole student fraternity of Sikkim along with the entire Sikkimese society request you to earnestly fulfill the following list
of demands in the best interest of the state:

1) All the verbal and written assurances of given to us must be fulfilled immediately. This includes regular staff, faculty, sufficient funding.,
2) PG courses for all the UG courses which are taught in the govt colleges of Sikkim should be started from this session itself. Further studies like PhD should also begin from this year as well.
3) Everyone including general public should be transparently informed regarding the latest development of the university.
4) The permanent Campus construction should be immediately started.