Reduce GST on Senior Citizens Mediclaim Policies

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India has an ageing population of roughly 10% of the total 100 crore citizens. In this 10 crore population, hardly 35% have some form of Medical Insurance, popularly known as Mediclaim policies. As it is since mid 2017, the premiums for this category have almost doubled. Add to that 18% GST, which is a double whammy as almost Rs 8000 to 10000 goes in taxes on the basic premium, resulting in huge burden.

We request the hon'ble Finance Minister GOI, to charge 0% or minimum 5 % GST, specifically for Senior Citizens, on Mediclaim policies, which will help us senior citizens to pay basic premium comfortably.

The revenue loss could be possibly marginal, but will help us to pay premiums, without having to beg or borrow