Save State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak: V.C. Resign immidiately

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State University of Visual and Performing Arts, Rohtak is one of its only kind in Asia to provide with the integrated campus education in the fields of Design, Fine arts, Architecture and Urban Planning and Film and Television. Unfortunately, the workflow is on a steep downfall in the very beginning years due to several kinds of administrative lapse in the system of its governance.. The University is facing its worst phase since its inception in 2011 with the vision of providing the world class education to its students.  To bring to your notice, some of them which need to be sorted urgently are: State Institute of Film and Television, Rohtak – The first batch of the institute entered in July 2011 for a 3 year bachelor course and the course was completed in 5 years in July 2016 with a delay of two years. Yet, no Bachelor Degree has been provided to them and the students who had to apply for Master Degree course had to suffer another year loss. Same is happening with the batch 2012-13, who had to complete their course in May 2015 are asking regularly for their final year project’s schedule for past one year, but are being ignored saying that there have been a cut in the overall budget of the University causing the delay in their academics. This is also the case with 2013-14 batch, who are already late by few months and still are to complete two more semesters which will take another year. Hence, all students of the first three consecutive batches have suffered a loss of two years and will suffer more if no urgent intervention is initiated to solve the problem. The admissions of academic session 2016-17 of State Institute of Film and Television have been cancelled (administration referring to it as “zero year”) and in the batch of 2015-16 there are only 18 students on 60 seats. There has been a regular downfall in the admissions for last two years which is really a matter of serious concern. The delays have all started from 2014-15 academic session onwards, as can be seen clearly in the jury date document of SIFT, signed by HOD,SIFT. ( Document attached ) The most important infrastructural requirements for the academic curriculum (The film preview theatre, Camera studio, Television studio, Sound recording and mixing studio, Editing cabins) are not yet fully set up and the work flow has stopped completely since past two years. The students are not getting the proper training due to such infrastructural lacks.  State institute of Design – There are only 6 faculty members in the institute with a strength of 190 students in the institute. Some departments like Product Design has only one faculty member teaching all four batches at the same time. There is no Head of Department for last two years. The students are suffering a lot academically for such shortage of faculty members and University authorities are paying no attention despite regular complains from the students to solve the issue. The labs (weaving, dyeing, pattern making and stitching labs) are empty with no infrastructure for last five years and many other machinery needed for the training have never been provided despite being promised in the curriculum. Many of the academic modules have been left incomplete due to such infrastructural lacks and students have suffered. A dedicated placement cell promised to students at the time of admissionsdoes not exist in the institute as yet.  State Institute of Fine Arts –  Institute of Fine Arts was started with an aim to encourage art and produce world class artists but unfortunately the first batch 2011 was not passed out from the university on time due to administrative loopholes in conducting examinations, providing legitimate mark sheets, certificates and so on. Subsequently students suffered a loss of an entire academic year resulting in their rejection to other premier art schools for pursuing masters. The admission ratio of the students has gone down considerably with as low as 20 studnets in a 60 student intake course in 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic sessions. Courses of eminent importance such as print making and interior design have been shut down by the university in 2016 admissions.  State Institute of Urban Planning and Architecture: In 2015, the Council of Architecture after its inspection of the institute made the recommendation to decrease the number of intake of students from 40 to 30 with every session, due to lack of faculties and infrastructure of the institute. No scheduled educational tours have been conducted on time for last two years, even after students paying fees for them regularly.  Thus, due to all the mismanagement from the administration stated above, causing damage to the academic performance of the students for last two years, urgent action needs to be taken to resolve the issues. The Vice Chancellor has failed every time, whenever asked, in providing any kind of solution to all these problems. So, the students of State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak here by, ask for his immediate resignation and a more capable person be appointed urgently to take charge and resolve the issues to create a smooth workflow in the University in achieving it’s vision.