Action for Compromising the Independence of Judiciary, Contempt & Interference in Courts

Action for Compromising the Independence of Judiciary, Contempt & Interference in Courts

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Pardeep Sharma started this petition to Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and Companion Judges and


The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and Companion Judges



1.   That it is the duty of every citizen to uphold the dignity and majesty of every court of law as well as the judicial system. Strict action should be taken against illegal, arbitrary and illegitimate act that impedes the process of justice, Independence and interference in working of Temples of justice – the Hon’ble Courts.

2.   That very disturbing news was widely circulated and reported by a large section of the print media, wherein a U.T Public Prosecutor, Sh Charanjit Singh Bakshi was caught video recording the Court proceedings without Court permission (Copy of Order as Annexure P-1, Media Reports as Annexure P-2 to P-4,) and multiple recordings of various court proceedings were found to be retained in his mobile phone. This encompasses as interference into the working of courts, attributes Contempt and could be an attempt to record working, preliminary observations and opinions of Judges without their knowledge. This would per say be an attack on the independence of the Judiciary that requires a response in highest order and urgency to get to the truth of the matter and address the public’s concerns about such illegal attempts to interfere and compromise the independence. These allegations need to be taken with utmost seriousness, not only for the patent illegality of such actions but the potential threat to the independence of the judiciary that they represent.

3.   The UT Public Prosecutor’s mobile phone was caught retaining multiple recordings of various court proceedings. It has to be a matter of interest to investigate the criminal activities outlining the possible use and abuse of these recordings of court proceedings without permission and investigate the hidden motives for recording therein.

4.   Further the mobile device used for recording ought to have been retained on record, especially exploring the possibility of various recordings of the court proceedings having been shared with some beneficiaries, on whose instance the recording might have been done. In order to rule out the foul play and determine all these aspects, the physical possession of the phone and thorough investigations of the matter are required.

5.   That the manner and process under which Sh Charanjit Singh Bakshi was appointed as Public Prosecutor itself raised many eyebrows and poised an inevitable contemporary threat to the administration of justice. Through his appointment, the perpetrators of illegitimate acts had ensured the state sponsored buffer and asylum under the veil of state prosecutrix, which was intentionally allowed. And like the famous Saint Kabir said:


“Boye ped babool ka, to aam kahan se paye”.


Today the “babool thorn” of illicit appointment and acts of Sh Charanjit Singh Bakshi has pricked and stigmatized the revered judicial esteem making the Hon’ble courtrooms, the fulcrum of illegitimate acts and deeds. Prompt appropriate action is an imperative step to safeguard the judicial independence, judicial respect, public opinion, public faith along with thorough scrutiny of appointment process, and orders (Annexure P-5), reasoning coming forth and fix the responsibility of the involved.  


6.   With U.T Administration and Directorate of Prosecution, U.T Chandigarh continuing to obfuscate the issue, continuing the chronic retention of such an Advocate as Public Prosecutor and showing no interest in investigation of the criminal activities, we repose our faith in the Judiciary to help bring out true facts, initiate disciplinary proceedings for professional misconduct under section 49(1) of Advocates Act, 1961 and fix responsibility for illegal actions.

Kind Regards

Pardeep Sharma

Copy to:

·         Hon’ble Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court and Companion Judges at Chandigarh.

·         Hon’ble Union Law Minister, New Delhi.

·         Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate, Chandigarh.

·         Hon’ble District and Sessions Judge and Companion Judges at District Courts Sector-43, Chandigarh.

·         Bar Council of India

·         Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

·         Directorate of Prosecution, Ministry of Law and Justice, Central Government, New Delhi.

·         Advisor to UT Administration, Chandigarh

·         Directorate of Prosecution, UT Administration, Chandigarh

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!