Justice for manslaughter in New Zealand

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I am shocked and astounded that somebody that punched and killed a man in a road rage incident is given home detention and not a custodial sentence.

Chris Vujcich lost his life in a cowardly punch by Patrick Tarawa, a much younger man, in a road rage incident earlier this year.

Justice Kit Toogoods statement that Patrick Dennis Tarawa had 'family support' 'genuine remorse' and 'adherence to strict bail conditions' has meant that Tarawa has not been jailed and instead has been sentenced to 10 months home detention and 300 hours community work!! 

This is simply astounding, apparently Tarawa changed his plea to guilty but originally pleaded NOT guilty. This is the same person that did NOT stop at the scene and give him self up when he drove back and saw ambulance and police.

Hon Andrew Little needs to answer to the family of Chris Vujcich, and the rest of New Zealand, how community service and home detention is justice for a road rage incident that ended in manslaughter!

MP Matt King introduced a Coward Punch Causing Death bill in Parliament earlier this year, this is an example of why this is needed. 

Justice Kit Toogood, 10 months home detention for manslaughter is not justice and you also need to be questioned on this!

Im calling for justice for the family of Chris Vujcich.

The crown need to attempt to appeal this sentence urgently!