Let’s stand together and stop the monopolization of Ontario Works’ eyewear benefit program

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The goal is to have Ontario Works revisit their exclusive 20 year and counting commitment contract with City Optical, which is monopolizing the government benefit program.

Currently, City Optical is the only allowed vendor assigned to service ALL Ontario Works clients for their eyewear services. The secret contract restricts client’s from exploring other vendors with more sustainable eyewear glasses, better cost, better designs, and better customer service to foster client’s empowerment.

Once being an Ontario Works recipient myself, I utilized the very same benefit program for my eyewear, and was appalled by the poor choices available through the program. The products were not suited for the diversity of clients Ontario Works sustains. There were no glasses to fit the sides of my face; nor were there any big enough frames to support my stigma slanted eyes at any of their locations -east and west of the city. The Ontario Works eyewear voucher limits clients to have access to a small handful of frames which are placed either to the back of store locations or tucked away in a draw far removed from the “regular” wears. I felt disempowered utilizing the service, and promised to help and be the voice for other marginalized Ontario Works recipients experiencing the same oppressive barrier to self empowerment.

With help from local MP Hon. Ahmed Hussen and others who want to see CHANGE within the implemented benefit program to support our vulnerable members of society, please sign this petition, and pass it along to others. Help bring awareness to this overlooked ongoing problem, and  together we can make sure EVERY Ontario Works recipient is given the best options available for their diverse vision need(s).