Canada, Grant asylum to the migrant caravan

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Fleeing violence and poverty in their homes in Honduras and Guatemala, migrants  have become pawns in a political drama, over which they have no control. The migrant caravan traveling through Mexico is facing potential violence and imprisonment at the USA border. They are desperate people who are determined to find safety and a better life for their families. 

Meanwhile, Canada has just announced an increase to immigration targets to meet skills shortage demands.

"(Minister) Hussen says economic immigration is badly needed in areas across the country that are short on workers and long on older residents. "In certain regions the hunger for workers is huge," he said. "  Many immigration advocates and economic groups had called for bigger increases to Canada's immigration numbers." CBC News Nov 1, 2018

Canada has the capacity and the capability to take in the Central American migrants. It would not be  a precedent; we have done it before and 4,000 is only a small fraction of our annual target.