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Some homosexuals need to stop forcing others to accept their lifestyle.

Honestly, parents need to draw boundaries with their children! Rule's!! Underage children should not be allowed to cross dress!! As adults, parents have no legal control over their adult sons, for example, if their adult sons want to dress like fairies!! (Ah, hahahaha!!!!)...Oh, my God!!....Ah, hahahaha!!!...Whew!!!...Hahahahaha!!!

Any who!!

But, since parents are responsible for the upbringing of their underage children, boundaries needs to be set in the home regarding appropriate behavior and actions, including what the child can and cannot wear!! Therefore, whoever child(ren) it is who wants to march in the Halloween Parade in Anoka, MN dressed as fairies need to see a psychiatrist. Because obviously, those children are mentally ill.

Call me homophobic, bigot, or whatever derogatory and offensive name that you can think of, because I refuse to stand in agreement with homosexuality. But, there is definitely something wrong with that picture!...

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  • Homosexual Children Marching In The Halloween Parade In Anoka, MN

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