Is CCH AND CCIM BODIES lobbied for not giving permission to bridge course#NMC


Is CCH AND CCIM BODIES lobbied for not giving permission to bridge course#NMC

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Surendra Singh started this petition to Shripad Yesso naik. (Ayush Minister) and

Why AYUSH colleges in india are sub standardized  With staff running on paper only 5 to 7 teachers per govt college or private college of strength 50 and 100 seats ?

My stand is because CCH AND CCIM  either does not do development in AYUSH colleges and also if govt. Wants it denied completely for support..  how it is possible .. lobbied or not ?corrupt of not? 

Why students have to suffer? Why ?

Only bridge course can help out all this problem of infrastructure and teachers shortage.. as it will allow ayush practitioners to get exposed to modern technics used for speedily curing of patients.

Although ultimately common masses are to be benefited ...

Bhms have 11 out of 12 subjects common  to mbbs course.

Bums and bams also learn maximum subjects common to both.. 

Then why ayush has to suffer.

"I am saying all this because  every pathy has some merits and some demerits ... using bridge course these demerits can be overcome.. " 

Health and education are the 2 pillars of any nation which distinguish uniqueness of development in that nation. 

But in our nation health sector is totally bribed and corruption is at its peak level .. medical unions has always lobbied the top policy makers of nations for their personal benefits.and ultimatEly sufferer is poor countrymen who suffer from health issues.. 

Bridge course is opposed by allopaths only to show of attitude and power .. otherwise ayush practitioners are even doing top surgical operations under their guidance in top class hospitals of india. 

Acc. To reutors survey report 2015 .

Their are 7lac ayush practitioners in india. Out of this 7 lac 4.5lac ayush practitioners are working in allopathic hospitals and even doing independent surgiCal operations.

From above statements my stand is clear about bridge course. 

Ayush practitioners need this course for economic and readily  treatment of citizens.

 #Support bridge course for ayush#


This petition made change with 929 supporters!