Neighbors are for Neighborhoods!! Tell OHIO Legislators to vote against House Bill 563!

Neighbors are for Neighborhoods!! Tell OHIO Legislators to vote against House Bill 563!

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Why this petition matters

Ohio’s  residential neighborhoods especially those near public attractions and Lake Erie are at risk of turning into transient hotel zones. 

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Ohio Neighbors Against HB 563

About our cause: 
On Feb 9th, 2022 a group of Ohio Legislators working with special interest groups like Airbnb and VBRO have presented House Bill 563 that seek to remove all local restrictions and controls on where Short Term Rentals can operate.  Make no mistake, HB563 was not written for you or your Nextdoor.

The Short Term Rental (STR) market is well positioned to buy homes on the market in sought after areas.  Lake Erie communities are the most vulnerable.  This is a contributing factor to the present housing shortage.

Many of use Airbnb’s however when a residential home is commercialized as a full time hotel in neighborhoods (with children) we need local restrictions to define STR zones that will protect neighborhood continuity and public safety standards. 

  "Knowing our neighbors" is what gives peace of mind!  Feeling settled and safe in our homes is our right and why we chose residential areas.  If we stand quite HB563 will sell our peace of mind one house at a time.

 A 4bdm house next your home with up to 8 full time residents will have the ability to rent to 200 transient guests per month. LTR renters are subject to background and credit checks. A STR requires a small deposit and credit card. 

It is no coincidence HB Bill 563 was presented shortly after COVID restrictions were reduced.  Sadly while  Ohioans were dying and trying to control the spread of COVID, STR Lobbyists and Legislators were writing HB563 that contradicts current safe guards. We should not be this NAIVE after a global pandemic!  

Do an on-line search on Airbnb, VBRO on your community. You may be very surprised how close STRs are getting to your home. 

Links below include how to contact your local legislator. We need individual constituent voices to be heard! Please forward to your neighbors and friends!! 

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92 have signed. Let’s get to 100!