Homes 4 Our HOMELESS U​.​S. VETERANS and Single Mother's.

Homes 4 Our HOMELESS U​.​S. VETERANS and Single Mother's.

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The problem that we are trying to address and combat is the overwhelming counts of HOMELESS U.S. VETERANS and Single Mothers, not only across our nation, but more specifically throughout our immediate neighborhoods and communities here in Arlington, Texas the central region of North Texas . 

It is our mission to join the fight to end homelessness within our immediate communities.

We want to join the efforts of other existing Homeless platforms and campaigns such as the Mayors Challenge - Dallas, and like our local  Homeless Coalitions such as Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) and Tarrant County Homeless Coalition.

Our overall goal.                                                           Our honest intentions is to become an additional resource that helps implement adequate efforts and resolve that make significant differences in the lives of Homeless U S. VETERANS and Single Mother's and their children.

The problem that sits on our minds the most and consumes our thought is the fact that our Homeless U.S. Veterans  have sacrificed so much for us.... the American citizens. 

Veterans are important to our civil liberties and freedoms.

And any one of us may know a homeless person, a homeless veteran, or even homeless moms and children.

This is such broad and chronic issue that is so compelling and relative in so many direct ways connects us all.                                                          It is my hope to build such a nonprofit that whole heatedly puts forth great effort to better the quality of life for those in our communities. We all should be able to relate to with empathy.

It is our thought that our HOMELESS U.S. VETERANS have sacrificed so much for each of our American Civil Liberties and Freedoms.

That it is hard to understand the actions of our U.S Government when our politicians, our American Government has granted so much financial support and investment to so many foreign countries.

We continue to show great support for our allies as well to geographical war-torn 3rd World Countries.

The frustration is.....we as Americans in America have become so divided politically and socially. That there is never a feel good story.

It feels really bad that our government seem to spend our American Tax Dollars to Aide and Support World Issues but are so divided or defiant in presenting Americans with the same Humanitarian Effort.

This is not about inflation or the cost of life.

But.... is just an innovative way to grow Invested Support and Resolve to Ending Homelessness for U.S. VETERANS and Single Mother's.

So my ultimate question becomes.

How can I an American Taxpayer/ Business Owner such as myself reach out to our American Government and audiences on Donation Outreach Platforms such as and make such a plea as we are making here.

Why can't I do my Civic Duty and serve my country, my community and be motivated to step up for what's right and organize a BOLD American Initiative that will generate  domestic interest by so many Americans and American neighborhoods. 

What we are seeking are Donations; both Money and Gift Cards (cash value and food).

We are seeking Private and Public Grant funds as well as Federal Funding in order to accomplish our goal to build homes for homeless Single Mothers or homeless U.S. Veterans.

The generous donations that we received are funds that will  help us purchase common everyday domestic products; such as blankets sleeping bags, household items or personal hygiene products; such as toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, sneakers, even clean clothes or  work clothes for those in need.                     

We are positioning ourselves as an agency that is designed to give to those in need as we join the efforts to End Homelessness.

We Humbly welcome the support.

It would be such a BLESSING to the the homeless community that I help. This has been such a heartfelt mission for me.

So I want to Thank You in advance.               

This means so much to me, I developed this nonprofit so that I can Help Restore Human Dignity for those less fortunate.

Over the past 30+ years I have dedicated my life to building a construction and remodeling business in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas metroplex.

Now I am focusing my attention and talents where I can utilize my construction and remodeling experience to build Homes 4 Our HOMELESS U.S. VETERANS and Single Mothers. I want to develop a designated HOMELESS Community for those displaced. 

Our goal. Our purpose is so deeply embedded in me that I often reflect on my own life growing up as military dependent.

Which simply makes me more appreciative of the world experiences that I was afforded to live and to enjoy both as a military dependent and now as a business owner.

The whole point of our petition and our focus is not to just build homes for Homeless U S. VETERANS and Single Mother's, but also to help restore Human Dignity and Hope in the lives of those less fortunate.


96 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!