Ravenshurst Covenant - 5 Ravens Nest - Dupitons

Ravenshurst Covenant - 5 Ravens Nest - Dupitons

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Petition to
Homeowners within Ravenshurst Covenant

Why this petition matters

Started by Nicole Dupiton

As you are aware, the Ravenshurst neighborhood is governed by a set of Covenants, intended to maintain the general aesthetic of the neighborhood. We, the homeowners at 5 Ravensnest Ct. purchased our home in 2018 and have invested countless hours bringing the property back to life. We respect the covenant and the intended purpose.

When we purchased the home, the previous owners had completed renovations, including an addition (that includes a basement / below grade storage area) and façade updates in 2008. The renovations were acknowledged, appreciated and request for speedy completion was made by the covenant board via a letter dated September of 2008. 

To fully utilize the storage area we extended our existing driveway, with plans to do extensive landscaping in the front and use the driveway pad for a  basketball area and play area for the kids. There are 5 additional houses in the neighborhood with similar driveways that extend across the front of the house. Furthermore, There are no portions of the covenant that state you can not extend your existing driveway. We have also agreed that the existing storage area would not be used as a garage and that cars would not enter the storage area.

We attempted communication with the board in October of 2020, with no response to our final letter (including requested photos and landscape / driveway plans) stating we were moving forward. We waited 6 months from the date of the letter to proceed with the driveway (Spring / Summer of 2021). 

After communication with our Lawyers and the Lawyer representing the covenant board, with an attempt to settle issues over the storage area and driveway, we have become aware that the covenant board has plans to take us to court over our property. 

As you can imagine, we are distraught that we are having a legal dispute with our neighborhood. Our family has gained numerous friends within the neighborhood over the last couple of years and we have an over whelming amount of support with regards to this issues. To gain additional support, we are asking you to sign this petition, stating:

"We, the homeowners with in the Ravenshurst covenant, petition that the homeowners at 5 Ravens Nest ct. are not in violation of the Restrictive Covenants governing the Ravenhurst Community. The driveway extension does not violate the covenant and does not need to be removed or altered. Furthermore, the addition at 5 Ravens Nest, built by the previous owners in 2008, was accepted by the board, and will not be altered."


Attached you will find the following:

1.      A memorandum from the lawyer representing the current homeowners of 5 Ravens Nest, with explanation to why the driveway extension is not in violation of the covenant.

2.      A letter dated September 14th 2008, from the Ravenshurst board to the previous owners of 5 Ravens Nest, acknowledging and accepting the addition.

3.     Photos of the property before we purchased it and photos after the driveway extension. 

21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!