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Homeowners/Renters Insurance Policies Against Pit-bulls: Change policies to make insurance more Pit-bull friendly

Most Companies listed here ( will not accept Pit-bulls, and or raise their rates. While others like StateFarm accept Pits without a higher rate or circumstances, with a clean record.

Everyday Pit-bull owners are denied a lot of rights to dog parks, public areas, and even our own homes. This petition is to show that Pit-bulls are not what they are all made to be. We start by getting our rights to our own homes. It is time that we all take action in not being judged by insurance companies for "high risk" dogs.

"Washington State Representative (2nd Legislative District) Tom Campbell is darn serious about getting a law passed (House Bill 1105) to prevent insurance companies from discriminating against dog owners based on breed alone. This will be his fourth year at trying to buck the formidable insurance lobby and get the bill through." (

Progress has been slowly turning, but we all need to push harder to start earning our natural rights back!

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  • Homeowners/Renters Insurance Companies Who Discriminate Pit-bulls

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