We Need More Than 3 Neighbors on the ARC

We Need More Than 3 Neighbors on the ARC

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Brian Graves started this petition to Homeowners in The Woods

The Architectural Rules Committee (ARC) is limited to 3 MEMBERS and has the FINAL say on all exterior home improvements in The Woods.  Signing this petition signifies your desire for better representation on the ARC by allowing more members.

It is my opinion as well as the opinions of many of our neighbors that no “committee” (volunteer or otherwise) which is unelected, serves for an unlimited and undefined amount of time, is by definition exclusionary, and has no board oversight should be given the power to dictate absolute authority over subjective architectural matters and turn a blind eye toward some variances while selectively enforcing others.

This may not be an issue that directly affects you now, but someday you will want to re-paint your house or add an addition or build a shed or add a shade structure or improve your home in another way.  Unless we act now and come together as neighbors, the decision to approve or reject your home improvement will rest in the hands of 3 people.

- The ARC (Architectural Rules Committee) of The Woods has “FINAL approval authority on each request” regarding exterior improvements of homes.
- The ARC consists of ONLY 3 MEMBERS (although in the past, there have been as many as 6), despite the fact that there are 810 homes in The Woods. Which represents only 0.3% of the total voting members.
- The ARC members are NOT ELECTED.
- The ARC has NO TERM LIMIT.  Members can serve as long as they like (and most do) even if other members of the community are interested in joining (which there are).
- Although The Woods Bylaws (4.11 (g)) state committees are required “to keep regular minutes of their proceedings…” the ARC does not keep minutes.  Rather they just keep a spreadsheet of requests/approvals/denials.
- The Bylaws of The Woods were written in 1979 and have not been amended since 1981. At that point there were only a handful of homes in the neighborhood.  They still list the “developer” as a voting member.
- In the Bylaws regarding the “Architectural Control Committee” it is stated that 2 of the 3 members are to be appointed by the developer and that they need not be lot owners or residents of the subdivision.


When I expressed interest in joining the ARC in July, I was told that I simply needed to attend a meeting and I could join.  I received an email the next day stating that I would have to attend 3 consecutive meetings before I could vote although this standard appears nowhere in writing but rather is “just something we’ve always done.”  The next day I received an email stating that the Bylaws only allow 3 members on the ARC despite the admission of the ARC Chair that there have been “more than 3 members on the ARC in the past.”  Annual meeting minutes show anywhere from 6-4 members on the ARC over the past 10 years.
When I stated during the last board meeting that I thought the ARC should be expanded to allow more than 3 members to represent a broader range of homeowners, all but one board member made the issue laughable and the President said, “you’re the only one that has a problem with the ARC because of your specific issue.”  The 6 homeowners who typed their objection to his statement and expressed support toward expanding the ARC in the Zoom meeting comments were ignored because they were contrary to the president and other board members’ assumptions that nobody cares.  It was then insinuated that changing the bylaws is nearly impossible and a “tremendous amount of work.”  I was told that I had to produce a list of “other homeowners who felt the ARC should be expanded,” before the board would address the issue and with that my time and the discussion abruptly ended.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!