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Started by Karina Anderson

In March of this year, OJO Labs, an Austin, Texas-based AI real estate firm has decreed San Diego the least affordable metro area. Less affordable housing will result in more homeless in San Diego.

Homelessness is the most extreme deprivation of the right to adequate housing. Sheltering oneself is not voluntary conduct; it is a basic human need, is harmless, and an act integral to the status of homelessness.

It is estimated that 13,000 homeless die every year.

In 2019 Lisa Halverstadt of Voice of San Diego reported that, "data from the county medical examiner’s office reveals 134 homeless San Diegans died on sidewalks and in shelters, hospitals or jails in 2018 – a total that likely only offers a glimpse of the tragedy since county staffers only probe a small fraction of local deaths."

People experiencing homelessness have a very high susceptibility for symptomatic infection and mortality from COVID-19 due to their living circumstances and inability to access regular medical care.

A 2021 report reflected that a total of 553 homeless individuals died of COVID-19 in the United States. In California the total of that died from COVID-19 was 335, with 33 deaths in San DIego.

In 2021 the San Diego Housing Commission stated it would improve its housing programs to better serve a vulnerable population after the deaths of at least 12 tenants at hotels the city of San Diego purchased to house almost 400 homeless people in 2020.

Recent reports show that street homelessness had already soared by more than 60 percent downtown and areas and  indicate a 44 percent spike in homeless death in the city from 2020 to 2021, however the County failed to account COVID-related deaths and deaths still under review from 2021.

Pursuant to California Social Services Welfare and Institutions Code 15610.07 and .35, the California Health and Safety Code, and the California Code of Regulations Title 9 and 22, it is the duty and responsibility of the County and the City under law to “provide protective services to adults who are unable to protect their own interests, to provide the care custodian of goods or services, including:

(a)     Medical care for physical and mental health needs

(b)     Assistance in personal hygiene, 

(c)     Adequate clothing, (d) Adequately heated and ventilated shelter, 

(e)     Protection from health and safety hazards, 

(f)     Protection from malnutrition, under those circumstances where the results include, but are not limited to, malnutrition and deprivation of necessities or physical punishment and 

(g)     Transportation and assistance necessary to secure any of the needs set forth in subdivisions (a) to (f), inclusive that are necessary to avoid physical harm or mental suffering.”

Such aid, care and support are to be administered in such a way as to restore such persons to a condition of self-care or self-support.

On March 5, 2022, San Diego Homeless filed a Cease and Desist via social media to County and City officials on the issue of the inhumane treatment of San Diego homeless population and its systemic failures to correct such.

Since then over 10,000 impressions, 818 engagements, 216 loves and 107 retweets on Twitter to the Cease and Desist have occurred and continues to rapidly spread and gaining the attention of other San Diegan.

Rise Up and Join us. End the inhumane treatment of homeless people.



87 have signed. Let’s get to 100!