Return Denise's Girls

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The Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) a rescue group in Aylesford, Nova Scotia, is sheltering three senior cats, named Willow, Keely and Esther, who have a loving homeTwo are blind and have lived with their mom, Denise, for many years, who is known for how much she loves her girls.  

 How terrifying this must be for the girls to be in a new and unfamiliar location and how upset their mom must be.

 The people who took Denise's girls were private citizens and not anyone who had the right to remove Willow, Keely and Esther from inside their home. Denise contacted the police, who told her to contact HART to arrange for the return of her girls. HART has refused all contact. Denise is being denied basic rights to due process and appeal as stipulated in the Animal Protection Act. 

 Although HART may have acted in good faith when they agreed to shelter Denise’s girls, neither the police nor the SPCA have laid any charges.  There is no reason or justification for keeping the girls any longer. In fact, to do so is ethically questionable.

 Please return Willow, Keely and Esther to Denise or her proxy now.