Make it a legal requirement for police custody CCTV to be held for a minimum of 2 years”

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Make it a legal requirement for police custody CCTV for minimum of 2 years

The most distressing day of my life has to be the day I was held in custody, my care & serious assault are an ongoing complaint with IPCC & unfair to comment the contents here. Just to be clear that it has been an utterly life changing event, that has had a sustained impact on my mental, physical health & relationships and trust.

I am determined to seek justice.

Many still have negative & abusive experiences whilst in Police custody. Particularly the Mentally ill and vulnerable. In my case CCTV was kept for only 90 days, meaning it had been destroyed by the time IPCC involved.I propose that all forces, private security firms & prisons are legally required to retain & store CCTV for a minimum of 2years & these directions be built into PACE. Thus, protecting the public, protecting police personnel, & providing evidence in complaints and criminal cases.

This ruling would ensure that all would be protected by definitive evidence. The fact that most forces destroy CCTV after short periods of time only adds to the mistrust of police and the inability for complaints to be investigated independently.
Lets face it every time we go to the super market we are held on CCTV for at least 2 years, and yet if we are held in custody where we are by its very nature alone and distressed we have no long term record in which to dispute our care, or (Im going to be charitable here) do Police personnel have the protection against malicious allegations and increasing levels of assault.
The argument is not one of invasion of privacy, the CCTV exits anyway in every custody suite in the UK although doesn't always cover all cells, some may not cover female cells. But for the main areas where interaction takes place CCTV is automatically present and often with audio recording too.
The argument is if it is there in the first place it should be stored long enough to be used as definitive evidence to safeguard and convict. Also through building this directive into PACE personnel would be accountable to carry this out.
Most detainees are unable due to complaints policies to submit a complaint about their arrest or and care in custody until the proceedings which resulting in their detention have concluded. Therefore there are often long time lapses between an incident and the complaint of which CCTV would often give clear evidence against or substance to complaint.Mostly complainants find the CCTV has been destroyed by this point.
Please help if you can, if not I do understand there are many reasons people don't.
Many Thanks

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