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Stop the return of individuals to UK after travelling to known terrorist strongholds

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Terrorist attacks in our country affect us all in one way or another and often are carried out by UK citizens.

There are many UK citizens who travel to countries that are a known terrorist strongholds.  Many then return to the UK to plan, prepare and perpetrate hideous terrorist attacks such as the London and Manchester attacks.

Our Security Services, Police and Military and working flat out to prevent these attacks and they do disrupt many plots, most of which the public never get to hear of.  They know many individuals who are a risk but there is only so much that they can do given the resources that they have.

While this problem exists I'm calling on the Home Secretary to stop those people who leave the UK to travel to known terrorist strongholds, without good reason, from returning to the UK.  This will reduce the number of potential perpetrators and disrupt the operations of the organisations that they support.

I care about this country and the decent people who live here and I want to propose a peaceful solution that may contribute to the safety of all of us here in the UK.

Please support this by signing the petition and sharing amongst your friends and colleagues to do the same.  Let's at least get it to the point where the Government have to consider it!

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