Change the name Northern Ireland to North Eastern Ireland. End Donegal discrimination.

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I was born in Donegal and now live in the UK controlled part of Ireland which is classed as Northern Ireland. In a PC World, this terminology is wrong, check any map of Ireland and Donegal is the most Northern County in Ireland. Donegal has been neglected and discriminated enough Economically since the Government of Ireland Act 1921. I will use the ripping up of our entire rail network as just one example. As Donegal is now making its way to the top, as a real and beautiful tourist Destination, i am urging all people from Donegal and Ireland and all over the World to at least give us back our right, its on the map, we are the North of Ireland. It is a real issue and must also be misleading for 21st century navigation gadgets or Apps. Its a joke when you hear, "Donegal is part the South",its joined to Derry and that,s the North. Its part of ROI and one of the largest Counties,but its the most Northern place in Ireland. Please SHARE and sign the petition to get the UK and Irish Governments change the name of UK part of Ireland to North-Eastern Ireland or something that is fact. Thanks for your time and Stand up for Donegal.