Life To Mean Life In Prison

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** Please read... this petition is made on behalf of my Auntie Carol Quinn **

Back in July 2000, in Northampton, my family was destroyed when I discovered the bodies of my beautiful daughter, Claire aged 31, grandson Keiren 8 and granddaughter Jade, 7. The bodies of the family’s two pet poodles Dandy and Sooty were also there. They had been cruelly taken away from us by the man who should have loved and protected them, husband/father Philip Geoffrey Austin. My daughter had been battered with a mallet, strangled and then stabbed so many times, the pathologist was unable to give a number.

My beautiful grandchildren had been collected from school and driven around for up to eight hours, being given Nytol in drinks to make them drowsy. When Austin eventually took them home, he sent them to bed and then callously went from one room to the next and strangled them.

This monster was given three life sentences to be served concurrently; which in effect means one life sentence. He was then given a tariff of 20 years. Including the dogs, this equates to a paltry 4 years per life!!

Austin is now due for parole. He is just 51years old and has time to meet another woman and start his life over again. My fear is that he will repeat his murderous actions and destroy another innocent family.

We may or may not be able to prevent his release and we may never have justice served but I would ask you to sign this petition to stop multiple murderers from being released from prison and to prevent them from killing again.

Let’s make a stand together and make sure that LIFE does mean LIFE IN PRISON!!!