Do not break my marriage. Home Office allowed us to marry and now they want to separate us

Do not break my marriage. Home Office allowed us to marry and now they want to separate us

8 March 2020
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Home Secretary Honourable Priti Patel (Home Office) and 1 other
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Started by Kaylass J

Honorable Prime Minister, Ministers, and MP’S, Friends, Families, and Public in general.

The UK Government needs to look after its Citizens so that we do not get Mental Health Issues such as depression that can prevent extra costs in Health and Social Care.

I am now a British Citizen and I want you to respect my Human Rights to have a family.

Article 8 protects my Rights; to respect for my private and family life:‘I have the right to enjoy family relationships without interference from government. This includes the right to live with your family and, where this is not possible, the right to regular contact’.

If you want us to have children, then we can adopt one or else my wife can decide to have an IVF to have children as long as we satisfy your expectations. We are advanced in ages but I have already my own children and I pay them child maintenance.

I asked the UK Government not to "Not to break my marriage". Home Office allowed us to marry and now they are under pressure from the Home Secretary and want to separate us. The government should instead prevent a marriage breakdown and not to encourage separations. 

After my ex-wife divorced me for someone else in 2013, I got suicidal ideation, I got depression, anxiety, claustrophobia, panic attacks and all sorts of mental issues.

Thanks to my present wife whom I met in a Mauritian Party here in London that I am able to cope with my daily life. Since 2014 we live together after marrying religiously and recently upon the Home Office approval, we got married legally. Since 2016, we have applied for my wife "a Leave to Remain or an Indefinite Leave" because as British Citizen I have married her, but she has been rejected again and again with the right of appeal.

We not only paid the home office fees, or Court Fees, but also NHS fees, Solicitor’s fees, Barristers. Fees again and again. We have produced all kind of documents, from my Children Birth Certificates which you requested, the amount of child maintenance I pay each month, my GP letter about my health problems, about my wife GP letter, about the medications we are on, about my rent contract, about my job contract, about our friends supporting letters, about our wedding pictures, about having pictures with friends, about our bank details, about my university, about 2 years proof of address, etc and after producing all what you requested during the 4 years now you have decided to split us, to break my marriage that the Home Office allowed us?

I do not accept that you can separate us. You cannot destroy my family life. I have my HUMAN RIGHTS TO HAVE A FAMILY AND NO ONE HAS THE POWER TO SEPARATE US. Even GOD has stated in the BIBLE that whatever God has put together let no man separate it (In the New Testament version at Matthew chapter 19:6:

“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’?
So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

I am a full-time university student and now it is during the exam period that you are asking my wife to leave the Country and go; do you know the struggle I am facing as I am not able to concentrate. I had to take more depression tablets due to my anxiety which I am not supposed to. This is the only mechanism as I have no choice.

Soon, I would become a Healthcare professional and provide excellent services to the UK community either with NHS or private, or perhaps open my own care home.

I have always been a good citizen, with no criminal activities and have always paid my tax in this Country or wherever I lived and worked. I always follow all the UK rules and regulations, policies and procedures and this is how the UK government deals with me? I have never asked you anything but only not to break my marriage and to allow us to live our lives in the UK without any hindrance from the Government or the Home Office. Thanks. 

Public can you please sign my petition so that this UK Government stops from breaking our marriage? Thanks


This petition made change with 136 supporters!

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