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Home Secretary: Allow Latifa and her children to stay in Manchester (UK) M1418358/6

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Latifa and her four children came to the UK in June 2010 having fled the Taliban who came to their house and threatened to take the daughters for forced marriage. Laifa’s husband bravely refused to let them take his daughters and was himself taken off by the Taliban and they still don’t know where he is. They fled with the help of a neighbour, who said he would sort out a flight for them if he could take over their house. They had no choice and took the offer to escape to UK and claim asylum in UK.
They know now that if they return ,the Taliban will know that they have been gone for 2 years and they will be vulnerable to being picked up and will then be killed by them. The security situation is worsening – the Taliban live in the village they fled from. They have no family to protect them and have no home to return to .It is not safe for them to return. If the daughters aren’t killed on return ,they would be forced into marriage, forced to wear burqua’s and would not be allowed to study because the Taliban do not allow females to receive an education.
The Home Office believed that they had had to flee because of the danger from the Taliban but have refused their asylum claim because they said they could return to another part of Afghanistan .Latifa and her family know that the Taliban have supporters and members all around Afghanistan and as a single parent family with two teenage daughters they would be asked questions and stand out in any new area they tried to settle in and with out family to protect them would soon be noticed and so in danger from the Taliban.They have had 2 appeals which have both been refused and so are asking for public support to get the UKBA to reconsider this decision.
We the under signed, call upon the Home Secretary to grant Latifa and her children the right to remain in the UK and receive the protection they need.

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