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Home Owners Association: Stop harassing this little girl!

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"This little girl has severe allergic reactions to pesticides. To combat this, her parents grow her food &  raise chickens for their eggs and for her protein intake. They also use their natural fertilizer as a way to grow her food. Pesticides are found even in "organic" food at the grocery so they have no choice but to do this for her safety. Organic is much better then not, however, if you have a severe allergy you cant risk the exposure. See study below in news section.

They met with the HOA over a year ago, presenting a medical record describing her condition. They left the meeting with what they thought a approval to keep the chickens due to her allergy.  They have had the county inspector come by and approve the chickens, all is legal.  

The family has provided medical records, detailed doctors notes and many other forms of documentation to demonstrate the health issue to the board.

Now, all this time later they are once again trying to take away this little girls healthy food source. They are now suing and harassing the family, talk about adding stress to a already stressful situation.

We ask that you please sign this petition let this HOA know that you do not agree with their disrespect of property rights, you do not respect their refusal to make a accommodation for a child who obviously needs it. Its just horrific. 

Thank you so much. The family is worried that next they will come after their garden where they grow her food pesticide free.  One of the board members have threatened this. Without the chickens they wont have the fertilizer needed for their garden either, the consequences are devastating to this childs health. 

No one has even complained about the issue as you cant see the garden or hear or see the chickens from any part of the neighborhood, they have them well hidden from view in their private backyard.


*Note: No neighbors have complained about the chickens all surrounding neighbors are in agreement that they should be allowed to have them. I want to thank them here their support for this little girl. Only the HOA board members have the issue.





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