Justice for humanity

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I am Sraboni Sikder (Hindu) married my beloved person Monir in UK in 2015, who is Muslim. We are from Bangladesh, also we were not aware that our love will be disastrous for our lives. After getting married somehow my husbands family came to learn about our relationship and started threaten me verbaly through phone calls, Facebook, text to leave my husband to be alive as in most of the case Muslim community does not allow Hindu the minority’s to marry them in our country!

Because of their unusual aggressive behaviour with me and with my rest of the family members in Bangladesh, I was traumatised and applied for asylum visa in UK where I have achieved my MBA degree from an esteemed university of UK. I forgot my identity my dignity to be alive with my beloved  one.

Home office did not give me visa because they told us they believe we got married because of visa, how could you not justify the matter properly and give a decision without knowing the fact but based on your predictions! I have strong family background who supported me financially to pursue my higher education in UK, I have achieved higher Educational qualification also I married a non British person, then how come home office could raise that lame point that I have got married for visa!

We had our 8 years loving relationship from back home, if it was only visa matter then I would have married a British person, why would I take that high risk of my life by getting married a non British Muslim person with whom I fallen in love long time ago!

I went for GP talking therapy support for long 6,7 months to help myself because of my husband family’s mental torture on me but the therapy did not help me eventually. I was on medication for long time, I had to change my number, had to report in the police against them, had to convince myself that I am no longer a highly educated person but trying to be a refugee in UK, I am the most wanted person for the police in Bangladesh as the allegations from my husband’s family were seduction, provocation and ultimately isolated the full family by marrying Monir and isolated the religious groups as well in the society, my Mother had to leave Bangladesh for their torture on her at the end.

Home office took too long to give me any wrong decision, they did not care about my situation, they didn’t consider my family background not even my educational qualifications to make further decisions, they left me with my trauma to make it worse as they did not care about my medical condition, all my supporting documents for my case did not added value to them, I guess because truth has very less evidence to proof that it is true!

They did not assess my case considering truth, situation, humanity, justice but on predictions and previous bad experience!

I was in teaching profession in UK in a college, now because of the non-human visa refusal, I don’t have work right same happened with my husband, my family sending me money every month to survive to make me alive, to keep me away from my Husband family’s violence and cruelty but how long ? Still not only I am waiting for any proper decision that states justice but also I am waiting for long 7, 8 months, also the whole asylum process is going on last more than 2 years, this injustice hard long procedure killing me day by day and leaving our relationship exhausted, shattered. We are always scared about our future in Bangladesh and keep a corner of the room to cry together with agony!

I knew that UK is the state for justice, for freedom, for humanity, for peace, now I want to see all these in my life to be happening, I can’t take anymore , I need all of your support to make me and my beloved person safe and alive by getting visa in UK if the home office could be more flexible, kind and takes proper steps for the humanitarian protection law so that I could assure my Mom that I am safe.

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