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Victims of vehicle crime should NOT be charged recovery and storage charges by the Police

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After being a victim of motorcycle theft I was left with a £350.00 bill for recovery and storage that I did not want, had not agreed to and had not signed a contract for. 

The police now pass the cost of recovering and storing stolen vehicles back to the owner, who in turn is expected to claim from their insurance company. This in principal is fair but in reality is anything but... The owners in the majority of cases are not informed a private or Police recovery is going to happen, or that they will be charged for it. They are not informed the Police Pound or recovery company will then charge on average £10.00 a day storage or that they won't be told the vehicle can now be collected until the pound / recovery company have waited a few lucrative days (in our case - 19 days = £190). Neither giving the owner the chance to recover their own vehicle (using a local or membership service such as the AA or RAC etc.) or avoid storage charges. These charges are not discussed in advance with the owner and the owners consent isn't given, they are usually a nasty surprise at the end of a difficult ordeal. If you have third party insurance only, or if the vehicle wasn't insured (stored / garaged) then you are fully liable for the charges. If your excess is more than the charges involved you may not want to claim through your insurance.

Victims of crime should not have these charges sprung on them.

1. Charges to be made clear BEFORE collection / storage of a stolen vehicle.

2. Where not involved in serious crime, the option given of using your preferred recovery company (unless not contactable over a reasonable amount of time).

3.If no option given, the recovery / storage should be at the expense of the police or a greatly reduced "Victims" rate, balanced by an increase in fees for perpetrators of crime.  

We expect transparency from our Police and the agents employed by them, although these costs are inevitable and have to be paid by someone, having the costs and process explained in advance, choices given where appropriate,  would lessen the feeling of being robbed a second time.

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