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Home Office, UK: Repeal the £3000 cash bond scheme for Asian and African visitors entering UK

Initially introduced by Home Secretary Theresa May on June 23rd 2013, the program targeted people coming to Britain on six-month visit visas from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They will only get the money back once they leave the country in a bid to cut immigration. Further to protest from these countries the Government put the scheme on hold for a while.

On Monday July 23rd 2013 Britain’s Home Office confirmed via email it will demand a 3,000-pound refundable bond for visas for “high-risk” visitors from six countires in Africa and Asia.The pilot will apply to visitor visas, but if the scheme is successful we’d like to be able to apply it on an intelligence-led basis on any visa route and any country,” it said.

The statement sent by e-mail did not say when the pilot program would start.

This cash bond scheme introduced by Home Office is absolutely biased arbitrary and unlawful because it discriminates against certain category of immigrants. Also to single out these ‘high risk’ visitors though is an insult and abuse. The government forgets the fact that the immigrants from these countries have helped the economy grow and British taxes are lower, spending is higher and the deficit is smaller. 

This petition calls on the Home Office to abolish the £3000 cash bond scheme for Asians and African visitors to enter UK.

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