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HOME OFFICE (UK) grant Overseas Nurses with sponsors Tier2 Visa & take CBT Later

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The Current restriction on Overseas trained nurses prevents them from getting a Tier 2 visa irrespective of the fact that they have obtained the IELTS test score of band 7  in each category ( either combined or as a whole) and have a sponsor. The  IELTS and CBT are the barriers/criteria placed to inhibit nurses from the overseas work in the UK. The immigration rule stipulates that one must either have the NMC pin, have Passed the IELTS and CBT or Passed IELTS and CBT and have a Sponsor. Why is there no room for sponsors who want to support overseas nurses pass the CBT  and OSCE under their employment within a structured period of time. 

Most of these nurses have either completed a Top up degree in nursing in the UK, but they are yet viewed as 'international nurses' not worthy to work in the UK as nurses, hence the barriers. During Open days and visits made by these universities to African countries, we are told that the degree will enable us work in the UK as nurses, improve our nursing skills and keep us abreast of the laws in the UK; yet Overseas/ International nurses in UK Universities are grossly neglected in clinical areas as they are not considered worthy of using the simulation rooms along with the home students. I quote "They can Only Watch Them Undergo Practicals but cannot partake or use the equipment'' . The question  is why make them pay so much only to get so little?.

It becomes such a difficult effort to have to be in the university and at the same time you are worried about IELTs, CBT and OSCE with no single support from the university as regard preparing for these examinations. A single candidate may end up taking the Academic IELTS 10 times (paying 165 GBP  each sitting). it is apparently clear that this is a money-producing scheme. Initially, only overseas nurses from Africa region were expected to take the IELTS while the EU nurses were granted free access, but come to think of it most African nurses?Africans are better English speakers; It is only very recently these laws were adjusted. The fear of the unknown or the future is enough to make students develop anxiety and depression thus not meeting their self-desire gaols.

It is really disheartening and painful when you expect so much from a Government and you are only considered a lesser equal and thus should  be segregated and conditioned under very strict and inflexible laws. It is believe that  internationally trained nurses come to the UK to get a degree in nursing, become further  equipped in the nursing field, contribute immensely to the society without being an unnecessary burden and above all perform our duties as nurses in love, respect for self and others and upholding the dignity of others.

In Light of these facts we hereby petition that 

  1. Corrections should begin from the universities; if overseas nurses will remain 'overseas nurses' then there is no point having a top-degree program because it is clearly considered a waste of money, time and resources for those in question as they remain not competent enough to join the NMC.
  2. if the course should remain in universities; there should be collaboration between universities offering this program and the NMC to ensure that overseas trained nurses can take the NMC exams and other relevant exams (IELTS) to get registered with the NMC in conjunction with the degree program itself, allowing the universities support and thus prepare them adequately rather than ignore the lots and let them perish.
  3. Intenationally trained nurses in various UK universities must also undergo practical sessions in the simulation rooms as the saying goes ''practice makes perfect''. It is not academically advised for a student nurse to be under training and be without clinical exposure or experience. 
  4. Placements should be in appropriate NHS hospitals and not just anywhere as the case is where adult nurses undergo placement in mental health hospitals

This I believe will encourage overseas nurses to actually undergo the course because they will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you; Please kindly sign this petition and join in encouraging a fair and equal form of learning in our UK Universities... 



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