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My name is Darren Wood Harrety I was born in Punta Gorda Belize Central America on the 8th of March 1982. My mum's name is Angelica C Harrety I have a brother Tomas Wood Harrety he was born in in Moho river Belize in 1978. My mum has always had a British Passport since Belize was a British colony but in 1981 6 months before I was born Belize got independence, so British passport were replaced for Belize ones so my brother and myself came over on our mum's passport which was stamped with indefinite leave to stay in this country. That passport was lost while moving house. But anyway I was 6 months old when we came over, I went to nursery, school and college. I have a NI number have had medical treatment, I have worked, bought a house, I am married and have 6 children. But I cannot work because I need my papers and all because I was born 6 months after Belize became independent. If my mum had been told that she had to get my paper work sorted she would have done it when I was a baby. We came over with the help of ssafa and the home office as my mum's husband who was an ex British soldier and was killed over there. My mum's name at the time was Angelica C Kyte-Powell she has since remarried to my step dad Raymond W Harrety and my brother and I changed our name to his, my name when I came over was Darren Alan Haliday. We have been trying to get this sorted for years now and it all costs, but how can I pay when I can't work and the home office say they can't find any details of my arrival in this country, so how did I come in? How about all the years at school, college and at work? I was given a national insurance number. How can they not find any record of my arrival? How did I get here? We went to our MP Mr Andrew Stephenson he tried to help but even he didn't get very far. He answer was the same, the home office could not find my details.