Stop Miss Loj and teachers like her being removed from the UK. Let them teach!

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Miss Loj is a History teacher at our school  (the Brakenhale School) and for two months in a row she’s had her application for a tier 2 visa denied.  Without this visa, she will have to return to Canada by 8th August and will not be allowed to return to England.

Miss Loj has been with us for 2 years and is valued highly by both our staff and students. She cares for her students, she believes in them and she’s invested in building their futures. Many of her students are really distressed by the thought that she will not be allowed to teach them next year.

With Headteachers struggling to recruit teachers let alone recruit excellent ones like Miss Loj it is ludicrous that she has not been permitted a visa to remain in the Country.  

In accordance with visa requirements we opened up applications for Miss Loj’s role. But three months have gone by and we have not had one application. If we lose Miss Loj we are faced with the prospect of having to start the new school year, without enough teachers for the students. The Home Office’s decision isn’t just affecting Miss Loj, it’s jeopardising dozens of children’s education.  

Miss Loj isn’t the only excellent teacher the country faces losing.

In order to obtain a visa if you are not a teacher of Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Manderin you would have had to have earnt £60k in the March allocations to have reached the points required.  This is between £35k and £25k in excess of a teacher’s salary.

Other professionals such as Doctors and Nurses have recently been removed from the list of those required to meet the visa points quota as quite rightly, they are regarded as key workers; unfortunately the Government does not currently recognise the teachers as such.

We believe the Government needs to rethink this approach - it’s been widely reported that the shortage of teachers in the country has reached crisis point. It doesn’t make sense to remove the few teachers that we’ve got!

That is why we are calling on the Government to relax the Tier 2 visa requirements for teachers (as they have for Doctors and Nurses) so people like Miss Loj can stay and teach.

Following Miss Loj's recent visa application being denied there has been significant publicity around the case including interviews with the BBC South lunch time news on 25th June 2018 and BBC Radio Berkshire on the 26th June 2018.

We need the public to support Miss Loj and other teachers now, to show the Government how much they are valued. Please, please help us make this happen by signing our petition to relax the Tier 2 visa criteria for teachers, so we can keep Miss Loj here in Brackenhale school!

#SaveOurTeacher #LetThemTeach