Stop Home Office removing kidnap victim Fredy Celis and his family to Colombia

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Fredy and his family sought sanctuary in the UK fleeing persecution in Colombia by ELN terrorists. Fredy was kidnapped for 34 days, beaten and chained up, before being rescued by the Mexican and Colombian police leading to the arrest of two ELN representatives. Fredy’s high profile rescue was filmed and had major news coverage in Colombia and Mexico. 

ELN continued to threaten Fredy forcing him to move the family with his two children having to leave their friends behind and go to a new school. Diana, fredy’s wife, and their children, Dana and Joel, were extremely traumatised by the kidnap and the continuing threats. Even after moving ELN still pursued him and made more threats so the family fled Colombia and sought sanctuary in the UK.

Home Office have refused the family’s asylum claim and said they have to leave the UK on the 5th April 2018. The UK Foreign Office warns British citizens against travel to Colombia as it is still a dangerous country. There has been a significant increase in attacks by the ELN with at least three bomb attacks on the police. 

Fredy, Diana, Dana and Joel ask you support their request to the Home Office to reconsider their decision to send them back to Colombia. Putting your name to the petition will show Fredy and his family that people care about the difficult and traumatic situation facing them. 

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