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Petition to UK Home Office to Release- KHUZANI NDLOVU! From Detention and Stop his Deportation UK Home Office as part of Theresa May's 'hostile environment strategy' has hired Zimbabwe Junta State Security Officers from Zimbabwe Embasy to help them interview, intimidate and then arrest and deport vulnerable and defenceless Zimbabweans who have escaped from military junta brutality and threat to their lives to seek sanctuary in the UK. KHUZANI NDLOVU and many others (target figure 2500) have become victims of this unBritish like behaviour and together with others are being held in Morton Hall and could be deported to Zimbabwe at anytime. He was detained when he went to Vulcan House, the Home Office building in Sheffield for an ‘interview’ on Monday 11th February. An article in Independent “He’ll be killed” 12th Feb sheds more light on the deportation fears that have engulfed Zimbabwean families here in the UK.

We fear for Khuzani's safety should he be deported as he has been living in fear of the Zimbabwean dictatorship from as far back as the Gukurahundi genocide in Matebeleland that claimed of over 20,000 people mainly from the Matebeleland province where he grew up. Needless to say that right up to this day, there has been astonishing silence regarding this dark chapter of Zimbabwe, despite the fact that its Military Advisors at that time (BMATT) were complicit either by commision or omission in the genocide as they queitly went on with their advisory service whilst innocent people were getting butchered. Recently, there has been a horrifying escalation of brutality and killings of anti-government protesters in the country, which is more reason to believe that if Khuzani, a long-serving member of the Movement for Democratic Change Zimbabwe (MDC) Was to be deported, he would suffer the same fate. Khuzani and many others fear a repeat of the UK government's recent past misdeeds of deporting vulnerable persons to hostile environments as they did to the Windrush generation, just to meet Home Office targets and without any sense of remorse. Here in the City of Sanctuary Sheffield Khuzani has been respected and distinguished member of the community especially for his voluntary work in the community. I've had personal contact with Khuzani as one of our church leaders at the Burngreave Seventh Day Adventist Church. As as Deacon, he has shown leadership in church activities such as stewardship, hospital and community visits to the sick and soup kitchens, as well as supporting others who are bereaved or distressed in a very significant way. He has also volunteered a lot and made a difference at the following organisations:
1. Assist
2. City of sanctuary
3. Open kitchen
4. Stroke Association

We are in shock and disbelief that any UK government can at this moment and time be so insensitive by even considering deporting anybody to a country currently hogging international media spotlight for such unprecedented brutality such as murder, torture and rape using its army. The Mnangagwa-led military junta and the ousted Mugabe regime are composed of the same genocide mafia and criminals driven by corruption ridden criminals, who are driven by solely an incredible propensity for self enrichment and the expense of a poverty stricken population, cowed into submission by a dangerously vicious regime. We therefore demand that no asylum seekers be deported to Zimbabwe, a country currently ruled by a cruel and corrupt Junta.
Please sign this petition and call on the Home Office to release Khuzani from detention and to STOP deporting Zimbabwean Asylum seekers NOW!!!

We also call on the UK Government to denounce the military crackdown on Zimbabwean citizens and for the immediate release of all opposition activists including children. We appeal to Home Secretary Sajid Javid to recognise that the lives of failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe are in his hands.They are people and have feelings too.

Zimbabwe is closed for business until all innocent citizens are released from detention camps and those who are responsible for state sponsored violence are charged for crimes against humanity.


Please help us call on the Home Office to release KHUZANI NDLOVU NOW!!!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!