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There are hundreds of thousands of commonwealth citizens(Caribbean Islands, West African, East African, Asia, etc i.e. 27 Countries in total are in the Commonwealth nations),  some of the citizens who came to UK legally either as children, students, employees, refugees, asylum seekers, business owners, etc but unfortunately  have not been able to regularised their stay in UK for more than 10 years.

Their several applications to established their immigration status failed and are now stranded in the system almost being categorised as "illegal immigrant". 

Though they arrived here, lives, works, settled and run their businesses legally; if nothing is done to support such gruops sooner or later they will be labelled and treated as "illegal immigrants" because of decades of delays in regulating their status.

Majirity have been trained with Tax Payers money as Nurses, Health and Social Care Allied Workers, Social Workers, Doctors, Teachers, etc.  Some toom Loans while orhers did their training as an apprentice  - learning on the job.  So majority were previously employed and should remain in employment within the NHS, Education System - Nurseries, Primary, Secondary Schools, Universities, Civil Service and those running community services and local businesses are constantly frustrated and prevented from having a decent livelihood.

1.  Law abiding citizens are restricted from being employed or sacked from their secured employment.

2. Many of them now endure severe stress, mental illness and exposed to all sorts of abuse and exploitation.

3.  They are not able to  maintain and accommodate themselves,  their dependants, which eventually affect their relationship and family.

4.  Those in Education were not able to continue or forced to quit their studies, and their career progression severely affected.

5.  They are denied access to Health and Social Care Treatments  and other life changing  facilities.

6. This is an opportunity to protect majority of commonwealth citizens(African,  Asian and Caribbean decents) who joined their husbands, wives and or came to "remain in UK legally" after their initial plans to study, work, seek asylum or those fleeing from persecution and decided to remain in UK.

7. This moves will help to sort out law abiding citizens, protect them and their families from falling through the loopholes of discrimination and other abusive practices because they are not able to provide the right  document to identify themselves.

8.  This petition will lead to appropriate actions that will reduce the level of homelessness, mental health issues, marital crisis, angry and displaced individuals who should be part of community backbone in UK.

9.  Normalisation of their stay in UK will enable them to raise and nurture their children who will eventiall becomes descent law abiding citizens.

10.   They will also be able to continue to make positive contributions to the economic of the nation.

If we are able to get between 10, 000 to 50, 000 signatures; the petition will be presented to the Home Office Secretary for immediate action.

 Your sincerely,

Revd Roselyn Ranti Majekodunmi, Senior Pastor, Divine Restoration Ministries Inc. UK.; Director and Lead Practitioner, LRCS: Action Against Abuse, Violence, Inequalities and Poverty; Lead Consultant, RENIXGI- General Management Consulting (Capacity Building and Community Engagement, Churches, Charities and Social Enterprise Service Improvement.