Scrap the upfront Immigration Health Surcharge for Tier 2 visas for Immigrant workers

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I hope this information finds you well. I have been on a Tier 4 visa in the UK for the past 4 years for my PhD. I have recently completed my PhD just started my new job in the UK.  As you are aware, the Home Office, has increased, in the last few months, the immigration Health Surcharge paid by non-UK workers and their dependents from £150 to £400 per person per year. This has a serious implication of workers and has a repercussion on your government's ability to attract and retain skilled workers, which the UK needs now than before.

I will want to plead and register my displeasure about this development Right Honourable. I am required to switch from my current Tier 4 to Tier 2 to allow me to work permanently in the UK. Unfortunately, however, for five years Tier 2 visa for my wife, two children, and me I will have to pay NHS health surcharge, according to the latest Home Office rule, £400 per year per person for the five years upfront when applying for the visa. The total on Tier 2 permit application fee, NHS-surcharge, amounts to £8,000. Additionally, I have I will need application fees of £1400 for each person. I will need at least £13,600 for my application of the Tier 2 visa. Given this, and other costs such as accommodation, this will be difficult for my three dependents (1 spouse and two children).

This will put away skilled people away from the UK. As a worker, I will be paying taxes (perhaps than average UK citizen will pay). Now, my wife is unemployed and in the process of registering to be a nurse in the UK, (She is a registered nurse in Ghana). We are struggling to pay this colossal amount. I will very much appreciate it if you can repeal this law by either scrapping it or allowing workers to pay the surcharge yearly instead of a lump sum.

Please, I hope you will treat this with the urgency it deserves.