Heavily pregnant first time mum facing Forced Removal from the UK

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Grace is a heavily pregnant with her first child and a happily married lady that is at risk of being removed from the UK and sent back to China where she has no where to live and no job. She as been living in the UK for 3 years with her husband Dean, who is British and is allowed to remain. They met in China and married there 10 years ago. She was granted a spouse visa and they came back to the UK to help Deans mum look after his dying dad. They now need to be near Deans mum because she is unwell and needs them both so her life has also been ripped apart. She may never get to see her grandchild !!!!! The visa expired in February this year. They have been told that their income did not match the required £18,600 required for Grace to stay, which is heavily disputed. Grace has now lost her job because her right to work here has been withdrawn. I have known Dean for 35 years and it breaks my heart to see him and his pregnant wife go through such turmoil. They have both paid into the British tax system and have never claimed for anything, they have always supported themselves. Grace and Dean have made their life here and settled into the community. Grace has been running yoga classes twice a week helping many people out. Dean runs his own personal training company and has helped out many  athletes giving up his time for free. Dean is also a local councillor which he also gives up his free time for.  They are both a huge assets to our community and we do not want to see them forced out of the UK because of some ridiculous immigration rules. If Dean was to go with Grace to China he will be unable to work and unable to support his wife and his child so why would you change a persons life like this. They have a house and both work here and contribute to our taxes, unlike many others in this country. Grace has 10 weeks before her baby is due, a mother should not be put under this amount of stress when she is pregnant. This is a breach of their human rights and this has to be stopped. i know we have to have rules but to change some ones life and make it worse is pointless. I could also understand it if they were claiming benefits but they aren't. We have taken tax and NI from Grace for 3 years for what!!! for to then be removed from the UK. Help Grace and Dean stay where they are loved and stop their family from being ripped apart. DEAN AND GRACE WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU..........

Grace' s words

Hi all, thank you everyone for your attention and support on our case. I would like to add some background, and make this clear. I came in UK in 2015 on spouse visa, yes we met the financial requirements by then. Early this year, before my visa had run out, we had to apply spouse visa agin, which is called further leave to remain, FLR (M). We have to meet the annual income for 18.6k between us.I myself was earning 16k per annual, my husband, as a hard working person, who only needed to contribute 2.6k. The first application, we submitted the documents showing that I earned 16k, my husband Dean earned 8k from two employments, plus he was trying to build up his own business as a personal trainer, also -1.3k from self employed. For some reason, Home office refused to count his earnings in. (This part, even the immigration lawyer couldn’t understand). After been refused, we have 14 days to appeal, instead of appealing, we took the advice from the immigration specialist, to submit the second application, and also requested to submit additional documents. We were hoping to submit his tax return form SA 302 as soon as he finishes the tax report with HMRC on 6th April, to show more evidence that we did earn enough. Shortly after we submitted the second application, we found out that I was pregnant. That was such an excitement to the whole family. But unfortunately we weren’t given the chance to submit these additional documents, and were rejected straight away, on 18th March, based on the same reason and same documents as the first application. Again, we have 14 days to appeal or make another application. from 18th March to 6th April tax year end , it’s more than 14 days, we couldn’t wait for that long. As we didn’t have new evidence to show the financial status. This time, we had no choice but to change the visa type to family visa, also known as FLR (FP), a type of visa based on family and private life, and has no financial requirement. because we can’t keep submitting the same documents, also we were unable to finish the tax report. We believed that the fact that my elderly unhealthy mother in law needs our care, the fact my husband has built up his little business here, the fact I’m pregnant, the connection between us and the community, would make the home office make the decision to let us stay here. We had so many reference letters from the lovely people, from MP, local councillors, police officers, GP, clients, friends and families. We all believed that this was a strong case. After submitted the 3rd application, we finally managed to finish my husband’s tax report with HMRC, we additionally submitted this as well, showing that we together earned 27k. But again, non of the above counted. Because home office believed that my mother in law can receive the care from the NHS and social workers, despite the fact that we don’t claim anything for looking after her, purely just because we are family. Also they believe that the pregnancy won’t stop me travelling back to China, and my husband can go with me. And this time, we don’t have rights to appeal. I am on the bail, I have 4 weeks to pack my things and go back to China, otherwise, there would be someone coming and knocking on the door to throw me out. We have had a meeting with an immigration lawyer, but still haven’t found a solution yet. So this is our current situation. I have no idea where the hope is, where the future is... 


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