Save Unondjamo 'Justice' Kavaka from deportation

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Right now, Unondjamo 'Justice' Kavaka is being held in detention at Morton Hall. 

He is a gay man seeking asylum in the UK from persecution in his home country of Namibia. He and his boyfriend sought asylum after they were the victims of a violent homophobic attack from family members. This violence and threat to their safety made staying in Namibia untenable for the couple so they sought asylum and started to build their home in the UK. 

The Home Office say their relationship is not real and are trying to seperate them by deporting Justice to Germany - claiming it was the first place he was in since Namibia. I’m calling on the Home Office to stop the deportation and allow him to stay in the UK with his long-term boyfriend. Will you help me by signing?

Unondjamo and his partner Mbiripopo are active and well liked members of a local community group for LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers. I volunteer with Gay Asylum Forum Sheffield and see first hand the importance of their support and know the devastation caused when couples like them are torn apart. 

Under Article 8 of the Human Rights act, Justice has the legal right to a family life. This includes the right to a stable relationship, so the attempt to deport him when he and his boyfriend are settled in the UK seems a breach of his human rights. Despite a huge amount of evidence showing that Unondjamo and Mbiripopo are in a long-term, loving relationship, the Home Office has claimed that the relationship is not credible.

Unondjamo could be deported at any time. Please sign and share to call on the Home Office to release him and let him stay with his boyfriend here in the UK. End racist, homophobic Home Office policies.